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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Daoism.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bokenkamp, Stephen R. 1997. Early Daoist Scriptures. University of California Press.

· Dean, Kenneth. 1993. Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China. Princeton University Press.

· Kohn, Livia, ed. 1989. Taoist Meditation and Longevity Techniques. University of Michigan, Center for Chinese Studies Publications.

· Kohn, Livia, ed. 2000. Daoism Handbook. E. Brill.

· Robinet, Isabelle. 1997. Taoism: Growth of a Religion. Translated by Phyllis Brooks. Stanford University Press.

· Schipper, Kristofer M. 1994. The Taoist Body. Translated by Karen C. Duval. University of California Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barrett, T.H. 1996. Taoism under the T'ang: Religion and Empire during the Golden Age of Chinese History. Wellsweep Press.

· Benn, Charles D. 1991. The Cavern Mystery Transmission: A Taoist Ordination Rite of A.D. 711. University of Hawaii Press.

· Boltz, Judith M. 1987. A Survey of Taoist Literature: Tenth to Seventeenth Centuries. University of California, China Research Monograph 32.

· Cahill, Suzanne. 1993. Transcendence and Divine Passion: The Queen Mother of the West in Medieval China. Stanford University Press.

· Cleary, Thomas. 1991. Vitality Energy Spirit: A Taoist Sourcebook. Shambhala.

· Cohen, Kenneth S. 1997. The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing. Ballantine.

· Eskildsen, Stephen. 1998. Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion. State University of New York Press.

· Graham, A.C. 1986. Yin-Yang and the Nature of Correlative Thinking. The Institute for East Asian Philosophies.

· Katz, Paul R. 1999. "Morality Books and Taiwanese Identity: The Texts of the Palace of Guidance." Journal of Chinese Religions 27: 69-92.

· Katz, Paul R. 2000. Images of the Immortal: The Cult of Lü Dongbin at the Palace of Eternal Joy. University of Hawaii Press.

· Kleeman, Terry F. 1994. A God's Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong. State University of New York Press.

· Kleeman, Terry F. 1998. Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millenarian Kingdom. University of Hawaii Press.

· Kohn, Livia. 1987. Seven Steps to the Tao: Sima Chengzhen's Zuowanglun. St.Augustin/Nettetal: Monumenta Serica Monograph 20.

· Kohn, Livia. 1992. Early Chinese Mysticism: Philosophy and Soteriology in the Taoist Tradition. Princeton University Press.

· Kohn, Livia. 1993. The Taoist Experience. State University of New York Press.

· Kohn, Livia. 1998. "The Beginnings and Cultural Characteristics of East Asian Millenarianism." Japanese Religions 23: 29-51.

· Lagerwey, John. 1987. Taoist Ritual in Chinese Society and History. Macmillan.

· Loewe, Michael. 1979. Ways to Paradise: The Chinese Quest for Immortality. George Allan and Unwin.

· Lu Kuan-yu. 1964. The Secrets of Chinese Meditation. Rider. Chapters 1-4.

· Lu Kuan-yu. 1970. Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality. Rider.

· Mair, Victor H., ed. 1983. Experimental Essays on Chuang-tzu. University of Hawaii Press.

· Robinet, Isabelle. 1993. Taoist Meditation. Translated by Norman Girardot and Julian Pas. State University of New York Press.

· Saso, Michael. 1972. Taoism and the Rite of Cosmic Renewal. Washington University Press.

· Seidel, Anna, and Holmes Welch, eds. 1979. Facets of Taoism. Yale University Press.

· Seidel, Anna. 1969. "The Image of the Perfect Ruler in Early Taoist Messianism." History of Religions 9: 216-47.

· Seidel, Anna. 1990. "Chronicle of Taoist Studies in the West, 1950-1990." Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 5: 223-347.

· Sivin, Nathan. 1978. "On the Word 'Taoist' as a Source of Perplexity." History of Religions 17: 303-30.

· Skar, Lowell. "Ritual Movements, Deity Cults, and the Transformation of Daoism in Song and Yuan Times." In Daoism Handbook, edited by Livia Kohn, 413-63. E. Brill.

· Strickmann, Michel. 1978. "The Mao-shan Revelations: Taoism and the Aristocracy." T'oung-pao 63: 1-63.

· Towler, Solala. 1996. A Gathering of Cranes: Bringing the Tao to the West. Abode of the Eternal Tao.

· Tsui, Bartholomew P.M. 1991. Taoist Tradition and Change: The Story of the Complete Perfection Sect in Hong Kong. Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture.

· Wile, Douglas. 1992. Art of the Bedchamber: The Chinese Sexology Classics Including Women's Solo Meditation Texts. State University of New York Press.

· Wong, Eva. 1992. Cultivating Stillness: A Taoist Manual for Transforming Body and Mind. Shambhala.

· Zürcher, Erik. 1980. "Buddhist Influence on Early Taoism." T'oung-pao 66: 84-147.

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