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Industrial Organization

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is industrial organization.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ronald H. Coase, The Firm, the Market, and the Law. University of Chicago Press, 1988.

· Alfred E. Kahn, The Economics of Regulation, 2 vols., Wiley, 1970.

· F. M. Scherer, Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance, 2nd ed., Rand McNally, 1980.

· Richard Schmalensee and Robert Willig (eds.), Handbook of Industrial Organization, 2 vols, Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1989.

· George J. Stigler, The Organization of Industry, Irwin, 1968.

· Jean Tirole, The Theory of Industrial Organization, MIT Press, 1988.

Other Excellent Sources

· Phillip Areeda and Louis Kaplow, Antitrust Analysis: Problems, Text, Cases, 4th ed. Little, Brown, 1988.

· A. D. Neale and D. G. Goyder, The Antitrust Laws of the U.S.A: A Study of Competition Enforced by Law (3rd ed.). Cambridge University Press, 1980.

· William F. Shughart II, Antitrust Policy and Interest-Group Politics. Foreword by James C. Miller III. Quorum Books, 1990.

· Fred S. McChesney and William F. Shughart II (eds.), The Causes and Consequences of Antitrust: The Public-Choice Perspective. University of Chicago Press, 1995.

· William F. Shughart II, The Organization of Industry, 2nd ed., Dame Publications, Inc., 1997.

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