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Heat Stress -- Psychological Effects

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is heat stress in physiology.


Six Superlative Sources

· D.P. Wyon, I. Anderson, and G.R. Lundqvist, "The effects of moderate heat stress on mental performance," Scand. J. Work Environ. Health., 5(4):352-361 (1979).

· V.M. Sharma, G. Pichan, and M.R. Panwar, "Differential effects of hot-humid and hot-dry environments on mental perfornance," Int. Arch. Occup. Environ. Health, 52(4):315-327 (1983).

· C.R. Bell, "Decision making in thermally stressful environments," Rev. Environ. Health, 5(2):101-127 (1985).

· P.M. Gopinathan, G. Pichan, and V.M. Sharma, "Role of dehydration in heat stress-induced variations in mental performance," Arch. Environ. Health, 43(1):15-17 (1988).

· D.P. Wyon, I. Wyon, and F. Norin, "Effects of moderate heat stress on driver vigilance in a moving vehicle," Ergonomics, 39(1):61-75 (1966).

· A.E. Enander, "Effects of thermal stress on human performance," Scand. J. Work Environ. Health, 15 Suppl. 1:27-33 (1989).

Other Excellent Sources

· J.A. Bar-Maor and A. Shitzer, "Protection of the pediatric surgeon from heat stress caused by the overhead radiant heater during surgery," J. Pediatr. Surg., 23(9):846-847 (1988).

· S.A. Nunneley and L.G. Myhre, "Physiological effects of solar heat load in a fighter cockpit," Aviat. Space Environ. Med., 47(9):969-973 (1976).

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