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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the bassoon.


Six Superlative Sources

· The International Double Reed Society.

· Ewell, Terry B.

· The Double Reed. The International Double Reed Society, 1978-present.

· Journal of the International Double Reed Society. The International Double Reed Society, 1973-1998.

· Apfelstadt, Marc, and Ronald Klimko. Bassoon Performance Practice, Teaching Materials, Techniques and Methods. School of Music Publications, University of Idaho, 1993.

· Waterhouse, William. The Bassoon. Kahn and Averill, 2003.

Other Excellent Sources

· Biggers, Cornelia Anderson. The Contra-Bassoon: A Guide to Performance. Elkan-Vogel, 1977.

· The British Double Reed Society.

· Davidsson, Christian. Bassoon, Reeds, and More.

· Harris, Truman.

· Nelson, Kirsten. Tips for Bassoon. Texas School Music Project, Stephen F. Austin State University.

· Popkin, Mark, and Loren Glickman. Bassoon Reed Making. Instrumentalist Publishing, 1987.

· Spencer, William. The Art of Bassoon Playing. Revised by Frederick A. Mueller. Summy-Birchard, 1969.

· To the World's Bassoonists. The International Double Reed Society, 1969-1977.

· Weait, Christopher. Bassoon Reed-Making: A Basic Technique, 3rd edition. McGinnis and Marx, 2000.

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