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Arthritis, Rheumatoid -- Animal Models

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is rheumatoid arthritis in animals.


Six Superlative Sources

· R. E. Hammer, S. D. Maika, J. A. Richardson, J. P. Tang, and J. D. Taurog. Spontaneous inflammatory disease in transgenic rats expressing HLA-B27 and human beta 2m: an animal model of HLA-B27-associated human disorders. Cell 63:1099-1112, 1990.

· T. M. Haqqi, G. D. Anderson, S. Banerjee, and C. S. David. Restricted heterogeneity in T-cell antigen receptor V beta gene usage in the lymph nodes and arthritic joints of mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89:1253-1255, 1992.

· J. Keffer, L. Probert, H. Cazlaris, S. Georgopoulos, E. Kaslaris, D. Kioussis, and G. Kollias. Transgenic mice expressing human tumour necrosis factor: a predictive genetic model of arthritis. Embo Journal 10:4025-4031, 1991.

· J. P. Pelletier, J. P. Caron, C. Evans, P. D. Robbins, H. I. Georgescu, D. Jovanovic, J. C. Fernandes, and J. Martel-Pelletier. In vivo suppression of early experimental osteoarthritis by interleukin-1 receptor antagonist using gene therapy. Arthritis Rheum. 40:1012-1029, 1997.

· D. E. Trentham, A. S. Townes, and A. H. Kang. Autoimmunity to type II collagen: an experimental model of arthritis. Journal of Experimental Medicine 146:857-868, 1977.

· P. H. Wooley, H. S. Luthra, J. M. Stuart, and C. S. David. Type II collagen-induced arthritis in mice. I. Major histocompatibility complex (I region) linkage and antibody correlates. Journal of Experimental Medicine 154:688-700, 1981.

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