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Swine -- Production Nutrition

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is swine nutrition.


Six Superlative Sources

· Tri-State Swine Nutrition Guide--Ohio/Indiana/Michigan. Ohio State University.

· Life Cycle Swine Nutrition. Iowa State University.

· Formulating Farm-Specific Swine Diets. University of Minnesota.

· University of Illinois PorkNet. PorkNet is an integrated, information access, technology transfer system for the purpose of addressing the needs of the swine sector within Illinois. There are two principle elements, focusing on information collection and dissemination, and the development of novel approaches to information delivery. As an electronic communications and information system on the Internet, PorkNet takes advantage of the newest technologies to integrate up-to-date research information with data collected on individual operations to provide decision making tools for use by producers. PorkNet also links other educational, association and industry related organizations to each other and to resources around the world. PorkNet provides an instantaneous method for asking questions and receiving answers from a panel of swine experts from a wide range of disciplines. The "Current Topics" page is where some of the latest information and research findings from various discipline areas are discussed. An "Ask the Expert" section allows producers to send a question to experts in such areas as nutrition, genetics, reproduction, buildings, ventilation, waste management, economics, veterinary medicine (swine health), business management, immunology, swine behavior and lactation biology. The question and answer exchange is shared on PorkNet for the benefit of all users. PorkNet was developed as a two-way design: Individuals can send information to PorkNet to be shared with all PorkNet users, and they can browse PorkNet to access the links to swine information around the world.

· Swine Nutrition Guide. Kansas State University. General Nutrition Principles for Swine, MF2298; Premix, Base Mix and Starter Diet Recommendations for Swine, MF2299; Starter Pig Recommendations, MF2300; Growing-Finishing Pig Recommendations, MF2301; Breeding Herd Recommendations for Swine, MF2302; Feed Additive Guidelines for Swine, MF2303.

· Pork Industry Handbook. Purdue University. Please see the following web site for a list of Pork Industry Handbook publications by discipline area:

Other Excellent Sources

· Genetics of Swine. The National Swine Improvement Federation (NSIF), North Carolina State University.

· Swine Nutrition Guide. North Carolina State University. Prepared by Dr. Jeffrey A. Hansen, Extension Swine Specialist.

· Swine Care Handbook

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