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Religious Rituals and Symbols

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is religious rituals and symbols.


Six Superlative Sources

· Douglas, Mary (1970) Natural Symbols: Explorations in Cosmology, Pantheon.

· Eliade, Mircea (1965) Rites and Symbols of Initiation, Harper and Row.

· Grimes, Ronald (1982) Beginnings in Ritual Studies, University Press of America.

· Shaughnessy, James, ed. (1973) The Roots of Ritual, Wm. B. Eerdmans.

· Turner, Victor (1969) The Ritual Process: Structure and Anti-Structure, Aldine.

· VanGennep, Arnold (1960; 1909) The Rites of Passage, University of Chicago Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bell, Catherine (1989) "Ritual, change and changing rituals" Worship Vol 63 (1), pp. 31-41.

· Bell, Catherine (1992) Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice, Oxford Univeristy Press.

· Clothey, Fred W. (1988) "Toward a comprehensive interpretaiton of ritual", Journal of Ritual Studies Vol 2 (2), pp. 147-151.

· Freud, Sigmund (1907) Obsessive acts and religious practices, Standard Edition of Freud's Works, Vol 7.

· Freud, Sigmund (1913) Totem and Taboo, Standard Edition of Freud's Works, Vol 13.

· Freud, Sigmund (1927) The Future of An Illusion, Standard Edition of Freud's Works, Vol 21.

· Geertz, Clifford (1973) The Interpretation of Cultures, Basic Books.

· Grimes, Ronald (1993) "Liturgical supinity, liturgical erectitude: on the embodiment of ritual authority" Studia Liturgica Vol 23 (1), pp. 51-69.

· Kelley, Joseph (1998) "Donning masks and joining the dance: religious ritual and contemporary psychoanalysis" Worship Vol 72 (2), pp. 98-117.

· Levi-Strauss, Claude (1963) Totemism, Atheneum.

· Levi-Strauss, Claude (1963; 1956) Structural Anthropology, Basic Books.

· Liturgy Digest (1993) Vol II-entire issue.

· Mead, Margaret (1966) "Ritual expression of the cosmic sense" Worship Vol 40, pp. 67-80.

· Mitchell, Leonell (1977) The Meaning of Ritual, Paulist Press.

· Reik, Theodore (1948; 1919) Ritual: Psychoanalytic Studies, International Universities Press.

· Religion (1991) Vol 21-entire issue.

· Ross, Mary Ellen and Ross, C.L. (1983) "Mothers, infants, and the psychoanalytic study of ritual" Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society Vol 9, pp. 26-39.

· Staal, Frits (1989) "Rules without meaning: ritual, mantras and the human sciences" Toronto Studies in Religion Vol 4, Peter Lang.

· Timpe, Randie (1983) "Ritualizations and ritualisms in religious development" Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol 11 (4), pp. 311-317.

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