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Aviation -- Radiobiological Effects of Flying

The following sources are recommended by a former professor whose research specialty is cosmic radiation exposure in aviation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Friedberg W, Copeland K, Duke FE, Nicholas JS, Darden EB, and O'Brien K. Radiation Exposure of Aircrews. Occupational Medicine 2002 April-June;17(2):293-309.

· Friedberg W, Faulkner DN, Snyder L, Darden EB, and O'Brien K. Galactic Cosmic Radiation Exposure and Associated Health Risks for Air Carrier Crewmembers. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 1989 November;60(11):1104-08.

· Friedberg W, Copeland K, Duke FE, O'Brien K, and Darden EB. Radiation Exposure during Air Travel: Guidance Provided by the Federal Aviation Administration for Air Carrier Crews. Health Physics 2000 November;79(5):591-95.

· Friedberg W, and Copeland K. What Aircrews Should Know about Their Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation. Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Federal Aviation Administration.

· Wilson JW, Goldhagen P, Rafnsson V, Clem JM, De Angelis G, and Friedberg W. Overview of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation (AIR) Research: SST-Present. Advances in Space Research 2003 July;32(1):3-16.

· Cavallo D, Marinaccio A, Perniconi B, Tomao P, Pecoriello V, Moccaldi R, and Iavicoli S. Chromosomal Aberrations in Long-Haul Air Crew Members. Mutation Research 2002 January 15;513(1-2):11-15.

Other Excellent Sources

· Boice JD, Blettner M, and Auvinen A. Epidemiologic Studies of Pilots and Aircrew. Health Physics 2000 November;79(5):576-84.

· Irvine D, and Davies DM. British Airways Flightdeck Mortality Study, 1950-1992. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 1999 June;70(6):548-55.

· Barish RJ. In-Flight Radiation Exposure during Pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2004 June;103(6):1326-30.

· Barish RJ. The Invisible Passenger: Radiation Risks for People Who Fly. Advanced Medical Publishing, 1996.

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