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Admiralty and Maritime Law

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is admiralty and maritime law.


Six Superlative Sources

· Nigel Meeson, Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice (LL Professional Publishing, 1999).

· Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Key Divergences of Marine Insurance between English and American Law: A Comparative Study (Cornell Maritime Press, 1999).

· William Tetley, "The Proposed New United States Senate COGSA: The Disintegration of Uniform International Carriage of Goods by Sea Law," Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Vol. 30 (1999), No.4, pp. 595-625.

· K.I.J. Hooke, "Collision at Sea: The Irreconcilability of the Superseding Cause and Pure Comparative Fault Doctrines in Admiralty," Washington Law Review, Vol. 74 (1999), pp. 159-189.

· Sarah A. Loble, "Intertanko v. Lowry: An Assessment of Concurrent State and Federal Regulation over State Waters," University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal, Vol. 10 (1997), pp. 22-72.

· Matthew P. Harrington, "The Admiralty Origins of Law and Economics," George Mason Law Review, Vol. 7 (1998), pp. 105-132.

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