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Counseling and Therapy -- Culture-Centered

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is multicultural counseling.


Six Superlative Sources

· Pedersen, P. (2000) Handbook for developing multicultural awareness: Third edition, American Counseling Association.

· Pedersen, P., Draguns, J., Lonner W., and Trimble, J. (2002) Counseling across cultures: Fifth edition, SAGE.

· Ponterotto, J.G., Casas, J.M., Suzuki, L.A., and Alexander, C.M. (Eds.) (2001) Handbook of multicultural counseling, SAGE.

· Sheikh, A., and Sheikh, K.S. (1989) Eastern and Western approaches to healing: Ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, Wiley.

· Sue, D.W., Carter, R.T., Casas, J.M., Fouad, N.A., Ivey, A.E., Jensen, M., LaFromboise, T., Manese, J.E., Ponterotto, J.G., and Vasquez-Nutall, E. (1998) Multicultural counseling competencies, SAGE.

· Sue, D.W., and Sue D. (1999) Counseling the culturally different: Theory and practice: Third edition, Wiley.

Other Excellent Sources

· Kagitcibasi, C. (1996) Family and human development across cultures, Earlbaum.

· Pedersen, P. (2000) Hidden messages in culture-centered counseling: A triad training model, SAGE.

· Sue, D.W., Ivey A.E., and Pedersen, P.B. (1996) Multicultural counseling theory, Brooks Cole.

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