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Pollution -- Human Exposure Assessment

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is monitoring human exposure to pollution.


Six Superlative Sources

· Duan, N. (1982). Models for human exposure to air pollution. Environment International 8, 305-309.

· Ott, W.R. (1995). Human exposure assessment: the birth of a new science. Journal of Exposure Assessment and Environmental Epidemiology 5, 449-472.

· Wallace, L.A., Pellizzari, E.D., Hartwell, T.D., Sparacino, C., Whitmore, R., Sheldon, L., Zelon, H., and Perritt, R. (1987). The TEAM study: personal exposures to toxic substances in air, drinking water, and breath of 400 residents of New Jersey, North Carolina, and North Dakota. Environmental Research 43, 290-307.

· Wallace, L.A. (1996). Indoor particles: a review. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association 46, 98-126.

· Liu, L.-J. S., Petros, K., Olson, M. P., Allen, G., McDonnell, W.F., and Gerrity, T.R. (1994). Evaluation of the Harvard ozone passive sampler on human subjects indoors. Environmental Science and Technology 28, 915-923.

· Ozkaynak, H., Xue, J., Spengler, J., Wallace, L., Pellizzari, E., and Jenkins, P. (1996). Personal exposure to airborne particles and metals: results from the particle team study in Riverside, California. Journal of Exposure Assessment and Environmental Epidemiology 6, 57-78.

Other Excellent Sources

· Dockery, D.W., and Spengler, J.D. (1981). Indoor-outdoor relationships of respirable sulfates and particles. Atmos. Environ. 15: 335-343.

· Georgopoulos, A.P. Statistical Distribution, ES and T, 1982.

· Ryan, P.B. (1991). An overview of human exposure modeling. JEAEE 1: 453-474.

· Letz, R., Ryan, P.B., Spengler, J.D. (1984). Estimated distributions of personal exposure to respirable particles. Environ. Monitoring and Assess. 4: 351-359.

· Wallace, L. (1991). Comparison of risks from outdoor and indoor exposure to toxic chemicals. Environ. Health Persp. 9: 7-13.

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   Pollution -- Human Exposure Assessment
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