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Wyoming -- Constitution

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Constitution of Wyoming.


Six Superlative Sources

· Keiter, Robert B., and Tim Newcomb. 1993. The Wyoming State Constitution: A Reference Guide. Greenwood Press.

· Journal and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Wyoming (1889). 1893. Daily Sun, Book and Job Printing.

· Larson, Taft A. 1978. History of Wyoming. 2nd ed. University of Nebraska Press.

· Horan, Michael J. 1991. "The Wyoming Constitution: A Centennial Assessment." Land and Water Law Review 26: 13-31.

· Keiter, Robert B. 1986. "An Essay on Wyoming Constitutional Interpretation." Land and Water Law Review 21: 527-564.

· Hubbell, Larry, ed. 2000. The Equality State: Government and Politics in Wyoming. 4th ed. Eddie Bowers.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bakken, Gordon M. 1987. Rocky Mountain Constitution Making, 1850-1912. Greenwood Press.

· Chapman, Miriam Gantz. 1952. The Story of Woman's Suffrage in Wyoming, 1869-1896. M.A. Thesis, University of Wyoming.

· Flynn, Janet. 1991. Tribal Government: Wind River Reservation. Big Bend Press.

· Jordan, Roy. 1990. "Wyoming: A Centennial Reflection." Annals of Wyoming 62: 114.

· Walter, Brett. 1987. "Wyoming's Constitutional Convention Delegates." Unpublished paper. Department of Political Science, University of Wyoming.

· Trenholm, Virginia Cole. 1974. Wyoming Historical Blue Book. State Archives and Historical Dept.

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