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Running Injuries

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is running injuries.


Six Superlative Sources

· James, S.L., Bates, B.T., and Osternig, L.R. (1978). Injuries to runners. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 6(2): 40-49.

· van Mechelen, W. (1992). Running injuries: A Review of epidemiological literature. Sports Medicine, 14(5): 320-335.

· Cavanagh, Peter R. (Ed.). Biomechanics of Distance Running. Human Kinetics Publishers, 1990, 362 p.

· Subotnick, Steven I. Sports Medicine of the Lower Extremity. Churchill Livingstone, 1999, 766 p.

· Runner's World Online. Techniques of training, injury prevention, footwear evaluations, sports medicine updates, racing updates and general running information.

· American Running Association. Information on training, nutrition, sports medicine and fitness.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cheskin, M.P., Sherkin, K.J., and Bates, B.T. The Complete Handbook of Athletic Footwear. Fairchild Publications, 1987, 398 p.

· Frederick, E.C. Sport Shoes and Playing Surfaces: Biomechanical Properties. Human Kinetics Publishers, 1984, 198 p.

· Nigg, Benno M. (Ed.). Biomechanics of Running Shoes. Human Kinetics Publishers, 1986, 180 p.

· Backward Running and Walking. Alternative forms of training.

· Running: Preventing Overuse Injuries. American Academy of Family Physicians. Information on prevention of running injuries.

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