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Islamic Cities -- History and Urbanism

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Islamic cities.


Six Superlative Sources

· Akbar, J. Crisis in the Built Environment, New York, E.J. Brill, 1988.

· Edhem, Eldem, D. Goffman, B. Masters. The Ottoman City between East and West: Aleppo, Izmir, and Istanbul, Cambridge, 2000.

· Kahera, A. "Reading the Semiotics of a Madinah: A Discourse on the Topography of Fas," International Institute of Islamic Thought, vol. 4. no. 1, (1999), 75-92.

· Hakim, Besim. Arabic Islamic Cities, Routledge, 1986.

· Burckhardt, T. Fez. City of Islam, Islamic Texts Society, 1992.

· Serjeant, R.B. The Islamic City, UNESCO, 1980.

Other Excellent Sources

· Kahera, A., and Omar Benmira. "Damages in Islamic Law: Magribi Muftis and Their Fatwas--9th to 15th century, CE," Journal of Islamic Law and Society, vol. 5 no. 2, (1998), 131-64.

· Kahera, A., Building. Dwelling and Reasoning: A Discourse on Maliki Law and the Ordering of Habitat in the Medieval Maghrib, 1400-1600. University Microfilm, AAT 9808389, 1997.

· Bianca, S. Urban Form in the Arab World, Thames and Hudson, 2000.

· Ardalan, N. and L. Bakhtiar. The Sense of Unity: The Sufi Tradition in Persian Architecture, Chicago, 1973.

· Nijst, A.L.M.T., and the Kasba 64 Study Group. Living on the Edge of the Sahara, The Haig, Govermont Pub. Office, 1973.

· Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Conservation as Cultural Survival, Proceedings of Seminar Two in the Series Architectural Transformations in the Islamic World. Istanbul, 1978.

· Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Architecture and Urban Conservation in the Islamic World (Symposium), Geneva, 1990.

· Mimar: Architecture in Development, issue no. 12, 1984.

· Mimar: Architecture in Development, issue no. 24, 1987.

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