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White Racialism

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is racism.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dobratz, Betty A., and Stephanie L. Shanks-Meile. 1997. White Power, White Pride! The White Separatist Movement in the United States. Twayne Publishers.

· Hamm, Mark. 1993. American Skinheads: The Criminology and Control of Hate Crime. Praeger.

· Flynn, Kevin, and Gary Gerhardt. 1989. The Silent Brotherhood: Inside America's Racist Underground. Free Press.

· MacLean, Nancy. 1994. Behind the Mask of Chivalry: The Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan. Oxford University Press.

· Novick, Michael. 1995. White Lies, White Power: The Fight against White Supremacy. Common Courage Press.

· Jacobs, James B., and Kimberly Potter. 1998. Hate Crimes: Criminal Law and Identity Politics. Oxford University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ferber, Abby. 1998. White Man Falling: Race, Gender, and White Supremacy. Rowman and Littlefield.

· Aho, James. 1994. This Thing of Darkness: A Sociology of the Enemy. University of Washington Press.

· Berlet, Chip (ed). 1995. Eyes Right! Challenging the Right Wing Backlash. South End Press.

· Ezekiel, Raphael S. 1995. The Racist Mind: Portraits of American Neo-Nazis and Klansmen. Viking.

· Kaplan, Jeffrey, and Tore Bjørgo (eds). 1998. Nation and Race: The Developing Euro-American Racist Subculture. Northeastern University Press.

· Aho, James A. 1990. The Politics of Righteousness: Idaho Christian Patriots. University of Washington Press.

· Dyer, Joel. 1997. Harvest of Rage: Why Oklahoma City Is Only the Beginning, Westview Press.

· Hamm, Mark S. 1997. Apocalypse in Oklahoma: Waco and Ruby Ridge Revenged. Northeastern University Press.

· Stern, Kenneth. 1996. A Force upon the Plain: The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate. Simon and Schuster.

· Barkun, Michael. 1994. Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of Christian Identity. University of North Carolina Press.

· Moore, Jack B. 1993. Skinheads Shaved for Battle: A Cultural History of American Skinheads. Bowling Green State University Popular Press.

· Coates, James. 1987. Armed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Survivalist Right. The Noonday Press.

· Corcoran, James. 1991. Bitter Harvest: Gordon Kahl and the Posse Comitatus. Penguin.

· Alexander, Charles C. 1995. The Ku Klux Klan in the Southwest. University of Oklahoma Press.

· Tucker, R.K. 1991. Dragon and the Cross: The Rise and Fall of the Ku Klux Klan in Middle America. Archon Books.

· Wade, Wyn Craig. 1987. The Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America. Touchstone.

· Blee, Kathleen M. 1991. Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s. University of California Press.

· Diamond, Sara. 1995. Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States. The Guilford Press.

· Bjørgo, Tore (ed). 1995. Terror from the Extreme Right. Frank Cass.

· Bjørgo, Tore, and Rob Witte (eds). 1993. Racist Violence in Europe. St. Martin's Press.

· Hockenos, Paul. 1993. Free to Hate: The Rise of the Right in Post-Communist Europe. Routledge.

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