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Ives, Charles (1874-1954)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the American composer Charles Ives.


Six Superlative Sources

· Block, Geoffrey. IVES: CONCORD SONATA. Cambridge University Press, 1996.

· Burkholder, J. Peter. ALL MADE OF TUNES. Yale University Press, 1995.

· Ives, Charles E. MEMOS. Edited by John Kirkpatrick. W.W. Norton, 1972; reprint, 1991.

· Sherwood, Gayle. CHARLES IVES: A GUIDE TO RESEARCH. Routledge, 2002.

· Sinclair, James. A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE MUSIC OF CHARLES IVES. Yale University Press, 1999.

· Swafford, Jan. CHARLES IVES: A LIFE WITH MUSIC. W.W. Norton, 1996.

Other Excellent Sources

· The Charles Ives Society.

· Block, Geoffrey. CHARLES IVES: A BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY. Greenwood Press, 1988.

· Block, Geoffrey, and J. Peter Burkholder, eds. CHARLES IVES AND THE CLASSICAL TRADITION. Yale University Press, 1996.

· Burkholder, J. Peter. CHARLES IVES: THE IDEAS BEHIND THE MUSIC. Yale University Press, 1985.

· Burkholder, J. Peter, ed. CHARLES IVES AND HIS WORLD. Princeton University Press, 1996.

· Cowell, Henry, and Sidney Cowell. CHARLES IVES AND HIS MUSIC. Oxford University Press, 1955; rev. 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 1969; reprint, DaCapo Press, 1983.

· Feder, Stuart. CHARLES IVES: "MY FATHER'S SONG." Yale University Press, 1992.

· Henderson, Clayton W. THE CHARLES IVES TUNE BOOK, Bibliographies in American Music, No. 14, Harmonie Park Press, 1990.

· Hitchcock, H. Wiley. IVES: A SURVEY OF THE MUSIC. Institute for Studies in American Music, 1977.

· Lambert, Philip. THE MUSIC OF CHARLES IVES. Yale University Press, 1997.

· Lambert, Philip, ed. IVES STUDIES. Cambridge University Press, 1998.

· Perlis, Vivian. CHARLES IVES REMEMBERED: AN ORAL HISTORY. Yale University Press, 1974; reprint, Da Capo Press, 1994.

· Rossiter, Frank. CHARLES IVES AND HIS AMERICA. Liveright, 1975.

· Starr, Larry. A UNION OF DIVERSITIES. Schirmer Books, 1992.

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