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Food -- Kosher

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is kosher food.


Six Superlative Sources

· Chaudry, M.M., and Regenstein, J.M. (1994) Implications of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering for Kosher and Halal Foods, in Trends Food Sci. Technol. (Vol. 5:165-168).

· Grandin, T., and Regenstein, J.M. (1994) Slaughter; Religious Slaughter and Animal Welfare: A Discussion for Meat Scientists, in Meat Focus International (Vol. 3:115-123).

· Grunfeld, I. (1972) The Jewish Dietary Laws, Soncino Press.

· Lipschutz , Y. (1988) Kashruth: A Comprehensive Background and Reference Guide to the Principles of Kashruth, Mesorah Publications.

· Regenstein, J.M., and Regenstein, C.E. (1979) An Introduction to the Kosher Dietary Laws for Food Scientists and Food Processors, in Food Tech. (Vol. 33.1:89-99).

· Regenstein, J.M., and Regenstein, C.E. (1988) The Kosher Dietary Laws and Their Implementation in the Food Industry, in Food Technol. (Vol. 42.6:88-94).

Other Excellent Sources

· Freedman, S.E. (1970) The Book of Kashruth: A Treasury of Kosher Facts, Bloch Pub. Co.

· Ginsburg, I. (1961) Food Fishes with Fins and Scales, Fishery Leaflet 531. Bureau of Commerical Fisheries, U.S. Dept. of Interior.

· Greenwald, Z. (1997) Illustrated Guides to Jewish Law: The Kosher Kitchen, Feldheim Publishers.

· Regenstein, J.M. (1994) Health Aspects of Kosher Foods, in Activities Report and Minutes of Work Groups and Sub-Work Groups of the R and D Associates (Vol. 46.1:77-83).

· Regenstein, J.M., and Grandin, T. (1992) Religious Slaughter and Animal Welfare: An Introduction for Animal Scientists, in Proceedings 45th Annual Reciprocal Meat Conference (Vol. 45:155-159).

· Regenstein, J.M., and Regenstein, C.E. (1990) Looking in on Kosher Supervision of the Food Industry, in Judaism (Vol. 39.4:408-426).

· Regenstein, J.M., and Regenstein, C.E. (1990) Kosher Certification of Vinegar: A Model for Industry/Rabbinical Cooperation, in Food Technol. (Vol. 44.7:90-93).

· Regenstein, J.M., and Regenstein, C.E. (1994) Kosher Foods and Allergies, in Food Allergy News (Vol. 3.3:1,7).

· Wikler, Y. (annual) Who's Who in Kosher Supervision, in Kashrus Magazine. Updated yearly.

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