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Rural Nursing Workforce

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is nursing in rural areas.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dunkin, J., Juhl, N., Stratton, T., Geller, J., and Ludtke, R. (1992). Job satisfaction and retention of rural community health nurses in North Dakota. Journal of Rural Health, 8(4), 268-75.

· Lasala, K.B. (1995). Rural Health Nursing: Recruitment and Retention Strategies and Barriers in Rural Health Care Settings in the Commonwealth of Virginia. George Mason University.

· Muus, K.J., Stratton, T.D., Dunkin, J.W., and Juhl, N. (1993). Retaining registered nurses in rural community hospitals. Journal of Nursing Administration, 23(3), 38-43.

· Pan, S., and Straub, L. (1997). Returns to nursing education: rural and nonrural practice. Journal of Rural Health, 13(1), 78-85.

· Stratton, T.D., Dunkin, J.W., Juhl, N., and Geller, J.M. (1993). Recruiting registered nurses to rural practice settings: an assessment of strategies and barriers. Applied Nursing Research, 6(2), 64-70.

· Stratton, T.D., Dunkin, J.W., Szigeti, E., and Muus, K.J. (1998). Recruitment barriers in rural community hospitals: a comparison of nursing and nonnursing factors. Applied Nursing Research, 11(4), 183-9.

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Rural Nursing
   Rural Nursing Workforce
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