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Presley, Elvis (1935-1977) -- Biographies, Profiles, and Other Life Studies

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Elvis.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Official Site.

· Goldman, Albert Harry. Elvis. McGraw, 1981.

· Guralnick, Peter. Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley. Little, 1994.

· Guralnick, Peter. Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Little, 1999.

· Pierce, Patricia Jobe. The Ultimate Elvis: Elvis Presley Day by Day. Simon, 1994.

· Sauers, Wendy. Elvis Presley, a Complete Reference: A Biography, Chronology, Concerts List, Filmography, Discography, Vital Documents, Bibliography, Index. McFarland, 1984.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adler, David. The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley. Crown, 1993.

· Bangs, Lester. Elvis Presley: The Rebel Years. Schirmer's Visual Library. Norton, 1997.

· Barth, Jack. Travels with Elvis: A Guide across America to All the Places Where the King Lived, Loved, and Laughed. Random, 1999.

· Bonja, Ed. Elvis Shot by Ed Bonja. Elvis Unlimited Productions, 2000.

· Bova, Joyce. Don't Ask Forever: My Love Affair with Elvis: A Washington Woman's Secret Years with Elvis Presley. Kensington, 1994.

· Broeske, Pat H., and Peter Harry Brown. Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley. Signet, 1998.

· Brown, Peter Harry, and Path H. Broeske. Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley. Dutton, 1997.

· Canada, Lena. To Elvis, with Love. (Correspondence). Scholastic Book Services, 1978.

· Carman, Wayne. Elvis' Karate Legacy. Legacy, 1998.

· Carr, Roy, and Mick Farren. Elvis Presley: The Illustrated Record. Harmony, 1982.

· Cocke, Marian J. I Called Him Babe: Elvis Presley's Nurse Remembers. Memphis State University Press, 1979.

· Coffey, Frank. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Elvis. Macmillan, 1997.

· Cohn, Nik. The Elvis Years. Circus Enterprises, 1975.

· "Col. Tom Parker (1910-1997): Promoter Helped Guide Elvis to Rock Stardom." Detroit News, January 22, 1997.

· Cotten, Lee. All Shook Up: Elvis Day-by-Day, 1954-1977. Rock and Roll Reference Series, No. 13. Pierian, 1985.

· Curtin, Jim. Elvis: Unknown Stories behind the Legend. Associated Publishers, 1998.

· Curtin, Jim. Unseen Elvis: Candids of the King from the Collection of Jim Curtin. Little, 1992.

· Curtin, Jim, and Renata Ginter. Elvis, the Early Years: A 2001 Fact Odyssey. Celebrity, 1999.

· Daily, Robert. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll. Impact Biography Series. Franklin Watts, 1996. For juvenile readers.

· De Barbin, Lucy, and Dary Matera. Are You Lonesome Tonight? The Untold Story of Elvis Presley's One True Love and the Child He Never Knew. Villard, 1987.

· DeWitt, Howard A. Elvis, the Sun Years: The Story of Elvis Presley in the Fifties. Popular Culture, 1993.

· Doll, Susan. Elvis: Portrait of the King. Penguin, 1995.

· Dundy, Elaine. Elvis and Gladys. Macmillan, 1985.

· Edwards, Michael. Priscilla, Elvis, and Me. St. Martin's, 1988.

· Elvis. American Structural Readers, Longman, 1982. For juvenile readers.

· Elvis Presley: The Early Years.

· Elvis, the King.

· Elvis -- The Las Vegas Years.

· Elvis: The Man behind the Music.

· Esposito, Joe, and Elena Oumano. Good Rockin' Tonight: Twenty Years on the Road and on the Town with Elvis. Simon, 1994.

· Farren, Mick. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Elvis: An A-Z of the Elvis Universe by Acclaimed Author Mick Farren. Collector's Guide, 1995.

· Flippo, Chet. Graceland: The Living Legend of Elvis Presley. Collins, 1993.

· Foerster, Trey, ed. Elvis: Just for You, A Special Goldmine Anthology. Krause, 1987.

· Fontana, Jesse. Wise Men Say: An Incomparable Collection of Little-Known Facts about Elvis. Avon, 1999.

· Fortas, Alan. Elvis, from Memphis to Hollywood: Memories from My Twelve Years with Elvis Presley. Popular Culture, 1992.

· Fox, Sharon R. Elvis: He Touched My Life: A Selection from the Photo Collection of Sharon R. Fox. Sharon R. Fox, 1978.

· Fox, Sharon R. Elvis: His Real Life in the '60s, My Personal Scrapbook. Sharon R. Fox, 1989.

· Frew, Tim. Elvis Presley. Life in Pictures Series. Metro, 1997.

· Friedman, Favius. Meet Elvis Presley. Scholastic Book Services, 1973.

· Geller, Larry, and Patricia Romanowski. If I Can Dream: Elvis' Own Story. Simon, 1989.

· Gentry, Tony. Elvis Presley. Chelsea House, 1994.

· Goldman, Albert. Elvis: The Last 24 Hours. St. Martin's, 1991.

· Golick, Jeffrey. Elvis: His Life in Pictures. Artabras, 1997.

· Gordon, Robert. The King on the Road: Elvis on Tour, 1954-1977. St. Martin's, 1996.

· Gray, Michael, and Roger Osborne. The Elvis Atlas: A Journey through Elvis Presley's America. Holt, 1996.

· Greenwood, Earl, and Kathleen Tracy. The Boy Who Would Be King: An Intimate Portrait of Elvis Presley. Dutton, 1990.

· Greenwood, Earl, and Kathleen Tracy. Elvis: Top Secret: The Untold Story of Elvis Presley's Secret FBI Files. Signet, 1992.

· Gripe, Maria. Elvis and His Friends. Trans. from Swedish by Sheila La Farge. Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1976.

· Gripe, Maria. Elvis and His Secret. Trans. from Swedish by Sheila La Farge. Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1976.

· Grove, Martin A. Elvis: The Legend Lives! Manor, 1978.

· Grove, Martin A. The King Is Dead: Elvis Presley. Manor, 1977.

· Guralnick, Peter, and Ernst Jorgensen. Elvis Day by Day. Ballantine, 1999.

· Hammontree, Patsy Guy. Elvis Presley: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 1985.

· Harbinson, William Allen. Elvis: A Tribute to Elvis, King of Rock. Grosset, 1976.

· Harbinson, William Allen. The Illustrated Elvis. Grosset, 1976.

· Harding, Melissa. Elvis Presley (They Died Too Young). Chelsea House, 1997.

· Harmer, Jeremy. Elvis Presley: King of Rock 'n' Roll. Longman, 1982. A cartoon biography for ESL readers.

· Harms, Valerie. Tryin' to Get to You: The Story of Elvis Presley. Self-Published, 2000.

· Hazen, Cindy, and Mike Freeman. The Best of Elvis: Recollections of a Great Humanitarian. Memphis Explorations, 1992.

· Hazen, Cindy, and Mike Freeman. Memphis -- Elvis Style. Blair, 1997.

· Henderson, William McCranor. Stark Raving Elvis. Dutton, 1984.

· Hirshberg, Charles. Elvis: A Celebration in Pictures. Warner, 1995.

· Hodge, Charlie, and Charles Goodman. Me 'n' Elvis. Castle, 1984.

· Holzer, Hans. Elvis Presley Speaks. Manor, 1978.

· Hopkins, Jerry. Elvis: A Biography. Simon, 1971.

· Hopkins, Jerry. Elvis, The Final Years. Playboy Paperbacks, 1981.

· Israel, Marvin, and Martin Harrison. Elvis Presley 1956. Abrams, 1996.

· Jenkins, Mary. Elvis: Memories beyond Graceland Gates. Eastland, 1997.

· Jones, Peter. Elvis. Octopus, 1976.

· Juanico, June. Elvis in the Twilight of Memory. Arcade, 1998.

· Krogh, Egil "Bud." The Day Elvis Met Nixon. Pejama, 1994.

· Krohn, Katherine E. Elvis Presley: The King. Lerner, 1994.

· Lacker, Marty, Patsy Lacker, and Leslie S. Smith. Elvis, Portrait of a Friend. Bantam, 1979.

· Latham, Caroline. Priscilla and Elvis: The Priscilla Presley Story. Signet, 1985.

· Latham, Caroline, and Jeannie Sakol. E Is for Elvis: An A-to-Z Illustrated Guide to the King of Rock and Roll. NAL Books, 1990.

· Levy, Alan. Operation Elvis. Andre Deutsch, 1960.

· Lewis, Donna J., and Craig Slanker. "Hurry Home, Elvis," Donna Lewis' Diaries, Vol. 2, 1967-68. Busted Burd, 1997.

· Lichter, Paul. The Boy Who Dared to Rock: The Definitive Elvis. Dolphin, 1978.

· Lichter, Paul. Elvis Presley: Behind Closed Doors. Jesse Books, 1987.

· Lichter, Paul. Paul Lichter's Elvis, Memories Are Forever. Memphis Flash, 1978.

· Lisa Marie Presley's Official Web Site.

· Littelsugar, Amy, and Floyd Cooper. Shake Rag: From the Life of Elvis Presley. Philomel, 1996. For juvenile readers.

· Logan, Horace, Bill Sloan, and Bill Slogan. Elvis, Hank, and Me: Making Musical History on the Louisiana Hayride. St. Martin's, 1998.

· Lovinger, Jay, ed. Elvis. Life, 1995.

· Lowry, Jonathan. Elvis and Nixon. Crown, 2001.

· Mann, May. Elvis and the Colonel. Drake, 1975.

· Mann, May. The Private Elvis. Pocket, 1975.

· Mann, Richard. Elvis. Bible Voice, 1977.

· Mansfield, Rex, and Elisabeth Mansfield. Elvis the Soldier. Collectors Service, 1983.

· Marling, Karal Ann. Graceland: Going Home with Elvis. Harvard University Press, 1996.

· Marsh, Dave. Elvis. Warner, 1982.

· Matthews, Rupert. Elvis. Grammercy, 1998.

· Matthews, Rupert. Elvis Presley. Heinemann, 2001.

· Nash, Alanna, et al. Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia. HarperCollins, 1995.

· Nash, Bruce M., Allan Zullo, and John McGran. Amazing but True Elvis Facts. Andrews and McMeel, 1995.

· Nelson, Pete. King! When Elvis Sang the Songs That Rocked the World. Proteus, 1984.

· The Original (Unofficial) Elvis Home Page.

· Osborne, Jerry, and Randall Jones. The Complete Elvis. Funky Angel, 1977.

· Osborne, Jerry. Elvis: Word for Word. Harmony, 2000.

· Parish, James Robert. The Elvis Presley Scrapbook. Ballantine, 1975.

· Parker, Edmund K. Inside Elvis. Rampart, 1978.

· Pearlman, Jill. Elvis for Beginners. Writers and Readers, 1986.

· Presley, Dee. Elvis, We Love You Tender. Delacorte, 1980.

· Presley, Elvis, compiled by Mick Farren. Elvis in His Own Words. Omnibus, 1977.

· Presley, Priscilla Beaulieu, with Sandra Harmon. Elvis and Me. Putnam, 1985.

· Presley, Priscilla Beaulieu. Selected from Elvis and Me. Literacy Volunteers of New York City, 1991.

· Reggero, John. Elvis in Concert: Text and Photos. Dell, 1979.

· Rijff, Ger J. Elvis Presley: Long Lonely Highway -- A 1950s Elvis Scrapbook. Pierian, 1987.

· Robertson, John. Elvis Presley. Omnibus, 1995.

· The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: Elvis Presley.

· Rockmine Archives: Elvis Presley in Scotland.

· Roy, Samuel. Elvis, Prophet of Power. Branden, 1985.

· Scherman, Rowland. Elvis Is Everywhere. C. Potter, 1991.

· Schroer, Andreas. Private Presley: The Missing Years, Elvis in Germany. Morrow, 1993.

· Schulte, Michael. Elvis' Tod: Szenen Aus Meinem Leben. Piper, 1980.

· Shapiro, Angela, and Jerome Shapiro, ed. Candidly Elvis. Anje, 1978.

· Siegel, Mick, ed. Elvis and Tom. Macfadden-Bartell, 1969.

· Silverton, Peter. Essential Elvis. Trans-Atlantic, 1997.

· Stanley, Billy, with George Erikson. Elvis, My Brother. St. Martin's, 1989.

· Stanley, David, with Mark Bego. Raised on Rock: Growing up in Graceland. Mainstream, 1997.

· Stanley, David, with David Wimbish. Life with Elvis. F.H. Revell, 1986.

· Tatham, Dick. Elvis. Chartwell, 1976.

· Taylor, Paula. Elvis Presley. Creative Education, 1974.

· Taylor, William J., Jr. Elvis in the Army: The King of Rock 'n' Roll as Seen by an Officer Who Served with Him. Presidio, 1995.

· Thornton, Mary Ann. Even Elvis. New Leaf, 1981.

· Time, the Editors of. Great People of the 20th Century. Time Books, 1996.

· Tobler, John, and Richard Wooton. Elvis: The Legend and the Music. Crescent, 1983.

· Torgoff, Martin, ed. The Complete Elvis. Delilah, 1982.

· Torr, James D. Elvis Presley. People Who Made History Series, Greenhaven, 2001.

· Urquhart, Sharon Colette, et al. Placing Elvis: A Tour Guide to the Kingdom. Paper Chase, 1994.

· Vellenga, Dirk, with Mick Farren. Elvis and the Colonel. Delacorte, 1988.

· Waldman, Carl. Elvis Immortal. Legends, 1997.

· Wallraf, Rainer, and Heinz Plehn. Elvis Presley: An Illustrated Biography. Trans. by Judith Waldman. Quick Fox, 1978.

· Wertheimer, Alfred, and Gregory Martinelli. Elvis '56: In the Beginning. Collier, 1979.

· Wesseler, Marlis. Elvis Unplugged. Oberon, 1998.

· West, Red, et al. Elvis, What Happened? Ballantine, 1977.

· Westmoreland, Kathy, and William G. Quinn. Elvis and Kathy. Glendale House, 1987.

· When Nixon Met Elvis.

· Whitmer, Peter O. The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley. Hyperion, 1996.

· Winegardner, Mark. Elvis Presley Boulevard: From Sea to Shining Sea, Almost. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1987.

· Woog, Adam. Elvis Presley (Importance of). Lucent, 1996.

· Woolsey, F.W., et al. Elvis: 1935-1977. The Courier-Journal, 1977.

· Worth, Fred L., and Steve D. Tamerius. Elvis: His Life from A to Z. Contemporary, 1988.

· Yancey, Becky, with Cliff Linedecker. My Life with Elvis. St. Martin's, 1977.

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