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Kenton, Stan (1912-1979)

The following sources are recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is American band leader Stan Kenton.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Stan Kenton Collection at the University of North Texas. Comprises more than two thousand manuscripts representing the work of big band leader Stan Kenton and his most famous arrangers, including Bill Holman, Pete Rugolo, Robert Graettinger, and Bill Russo. Also included are over six hundred photographs by Kenton's publicist, Noel Wedder.

· Robinson, J. Bradford. "Kenton, Stan(ley Newcomb)." The New Grove Dictionary Music and Musicians. Oxford University Press, various editions.

· Harris, Steven D. The Kenton Kronicles: A Biography of Modern America's Man of Music, Stan Kenton. Dynaflow, 2000.

· Arganian, Lillian. Stan Kenton: The Man and His Music. Artistry Press, 1989.

· Lee, William F. Stan Kenton: Artistry in Rhythm. Creative Press of Los Angeles, 1980.

· Koch, Lawrence O. "Kentonia: A Brief View in Perspective." Journal of Jazz Studies 6 (Fall-Winter 1979): 89-92.

Other Excellent Sources

· Feather, Leonard, and Ira Gitler. The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz. Oxford University Press, 1999.

· Sparke, Michael. Stan Kenton: The Studio Sessions: A Discography. Balboa Books, 1998.

· Elworth, Steven B. "Jazz in Crisis, 1948-1958: Ideology and Representation." Jazz among the Discourses, edited by Krin Gabbard, 57-75. Duke University Press, 1995.

· Sparke, Michael. Kenton on Capitol and Creative World: A Discography. Balboa Books, 1994.

· Gabel, Edward F. Stan Kenton: The Early Years, 1941-1947. Balboa Books, 1993.

· Easton, Carol. Straight Ahead: The Story of Stan Kenton. Da Capo Press, 1981; Morrow, 1973.

· Agostinelli, Anthony. Stan Kenton: The Many Musical Moods of His Orchestras. International Association for Jazz Education, 1985.

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