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Aging and Death -- Advanced Planning

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is planning for aging and death.


Six Superlative Sources

· Herman, W.R. (1999). Social Work Practice and Advanced Planning: Ritual or Procedure? Ed.D. Thesis. University of St. Thomas.

· Newman, M. (1994). Health as Expanding Consciousness, 2nd edition. National League for Nursing Press.

· Nuland, S. (1994). How We Die. Alfred A. Knopf.

· Galambos, C. (1989). Living Wills: A Choice of the Elderly. Social Work 34 (2), 182-185.

· Butler, R. (1975). Why Survive? Being Old in America. Harper and Row.

· Scharlach, A., and Kaye, L., eds. (1997). Controversial Issues in Aging. Allyn and Bacon.

Other Excellent Sources

· Miles, S., and August, A. (1990). Courts, Gender and "The Right to Die." Law, Medicine and Health Care 18 (1-2), 85-95.

· Dickson, D. (1997). Law, Ethics, and Social Work with the Elderly: Self-Determination. Journal of Law and Social Work 7 (2), 105-126.

· Tornstam, L. (1999-2000). Transcendence in Later Life. Journal of the American Society on Aging 23 (4), 10-14.

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