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Learning Technology Costs and Benefits

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is online education.


Six Superlative Sources

· Determining the Costs of Online Courses.

· The Sloan Consortium: A Consortium of Institutions and Organizations Committed to Quality Online Education.

· Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks.

· The Educator's Reference Desk.

· Campus Technology (journal).

· Computer and Technology Aids for Researchers.

Other Excellent Sources

· EDWEB: Exploring Technology and School Reform.

· "Why? The Paradigm Shift in Computer-Aided Teaching/Instruction and Network Learning," Electronic Teaching and Learning: Trends in Adapting to Hypertext, Hypermedia, and Networks in Higher Education.

· Bookmarks for Education, Government, Law, and Libraries.

· Using Asynchronous Network Courses to Bridge Gaps in the Teeth of a University Curriculum with Imported Gold: Bridgework May Be Optimally Effective Only by Incurring High Labor Expenses.

· Distance Education Programs in Prestige Universities.

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Le Fanu, Sheridan (1814-1873)
   Learning Technology Costs and Benefits
Lee, Bruce (1940-1973)

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