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Harrison, Jim (1937- )

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American author Jim Harrison.


Six Superlative Sources

· Comer, Keith, and Joseph Bednarik, eds. Jim Harrison: A Bibliography.

· DeMott, Robert, ed. Conversations with Jim Harrison. University Press of Mississippi, 2002.

· Harrison, Jim. Off to the Side: A Memoir. Atlantic Monthly Press, 2002.

· Reilly, Edward C. Jim Harrison. Twayne Publishers, 1996.

· Roberson, William H. "'Macho Mistake': The Misrepresentation of Jim Harrison's Fiction." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 29 (Summer 1988), 233-244.

· Smith, Patrick A. The True Bones of My Life: Essays on the Fiction of Jim Harrison. Michigan State University Press, 2002.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barillas, William. "Jim Harrison, Willa Cather, and the Revision of Midwestern Pastoral." Midamerica: The Yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, 26 (1999), 171-184.

· Bednarik, Joseph. "Jim Harrison: An Interview." Five Points: A Journal of Literature and Art, 6 (no. 2, 2002), 45-66.

· Colonnese, Tom. "Jim Harrison: A Checklist." Bulletin of Bibliography, 39 (September 1982), 132-135.

· Crow, Dallas. "A Possible Source for Jim Harrison's Sundog." Notes on Contemporary Literature, 30 (May 2000), 3-5.

· Gilligan, Thomas Maher. "Myth and Reality in Jim Harrison's Warlock." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 25 (Spring 1984), 147-153.

· Gruzinska, Aleksandra. "E.M. Cioran and 'The Man Who Gave Up His Name' by Jim Harrison." Journal of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, 12 (1989), 83-93.

· Jim Harrison.

· Johnson, Robert. "Brown Dog's Insight: The Fiction of Jim Harrison." Notes on Contemporary Literature, 27 (January 1997), 2-4.

· Lorenz, Paul H. "Rethinking Machismo: Jim Harrison's Legends of the Fall." Publications of the Arkansas Philological Association, 15 (Spring 1989), 41-52.

· McClintock, James I. "Dalva: Jim Harrison's 'Twin Sister.'" Journal of Men's Studies, 6 (Spring 1998), 319-330.

· McClintock, James I. "Jim Harrison: 'In a Life Properly Lived, You're a River.'" In Rivers and the American Experience. Durczak, Jerzy, ed. Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press, 2000.

· Nuwer, Hank. "The Man Whose Soul Is Not for Sale: Jim Harrison." Rendezvous: Journal of Arts and Letters, 21 (Fall 1985), 26-42.

· Reilly, Edward C. "Cervantes' Quixote and Harrison's Warlock: Some Similarities and Differences." Notes on Contemporary Literature, 15 (May 1985), 3.

· Reilly, Edward C. "The Tragedy and the Folly: Harrison's A Good Day to Die -- An Earlier Version." Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association, 1986, 23-33.

· Roberson, William H. "'A Good Day to Live': The Prose Works of Jim Harrison." Great Lakes Review, 8/9 (Fall 1982/Spring 1983), 29-37.

· Rohrkemper, John. "'Natty Bumppo Wants Tobacco': Jim Harrison's Wilderness." Great Lakes Review, 8/9 (Fall 1982/Spring 1983), 20-28.

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