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Abusive Behaviors in the Workplace

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is abuse in the workplace.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hoel, H., Rayner, C. and Cooper, C.L. (1999). Workplace Bullying. In C.L.Cooper and I.T. Robertson (Eds.) International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 14, 195-230.

· Keashly, L. (1998) Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: Conceptual and Empirical Issues. Journal of Emotional Abuse, 1(1), 85-117.

· Neuman, J. and Baron, R.A. (1997). Aggression in the Workplace. In R.A. Giacalone and J. Greenberg (Eds.) Antisocial behaviors in organizations., PP. 150-171, Sage Publications.

· Richman, J.A., Rospenda, K.M., Nawyn, S.J., Flaherty, J.A., Fendrich, M., Drum, M.L., and Johnson, T.P. (1999). Sexual Harassmeant and Generalized Workplace Abuse among University Employees: Prevalence and Mental Health Correlates. American Journal of Public health, 89(3), 358-363.

· Special Issue on workplace bullying (1999), International Journal of Manpower, 20(1/2).

· The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adams, Andrea (1992). Bullying at work. Virago.

· Bassman, E. (1992). Abuse in the Workplace. Quorum Books.

· Brodsky, C. (1976). The Harassed Worker. Lexington Books.

· Hornstein, H. (1996). Brutal Bosses and Their Prey. Riverhead Books.

· Keashly, L. (2001). Interpersonal and Systemic Aspects of Emotional Abuse at Work: The Target's Perspective. Violence and Victims, 16(2), 211-245.

· Namie, G. and Namie, R. (2003). The Bully at Work. Sourcebooks.

· O'Leary-Kelly, A.M., Griffin, R.W., and Glew, D.J. (1996). Organization-motivated Aggression: A Research Framework. Academy of Management Review, 21(1), 225-253.

· VandenBos, G.R. and Bulatao, E.Q. (1996) Violence on the Job. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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