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Media Law and Regulation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is media law and regulation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Mass Communication Law: Cases and Comment (6th Edition). Donald M. Gilmor, Jerome A Barron, and Todd F. Simon. Wadsworth Publishing, 1998.

· NAB Legal Guide to Broadcast Law and Regulation (with 1998 Update). National Association of Broadcasters, 1998.

· The First Amendment and the Fifth Estate (3rd Edition). T. Barton Carter, Marc A. Franklin, and Jay B. Wright. The Foundation Press, 1993.

· Electronic Media Law and Regulation (3rd Edition). Kenneth C. Creech. Focal Press, 2000.

· U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

· FindLaw: Communications Law.

Other Excellent Sources

· Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials. Margreth Barrett. West Publishing, 1995.

· Electronic Media and Government: The Regulation of Wireless and Wired Mass Communication in the United States. F. Leslie Smith, Milan Meeske, and John W. Wright II. Longman, 1995.

· Broadcast Indecency: FCC Regulation and the First Amendment. Jeremy H. Lipschultz. Focal Press, 1996.

· Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries (3rd Edition). Donald E. Biederman, et al. Greenwood Press, 1995.

· The Copyright Website

· The Law of Public Communication (3rd Edition). Kent R. Middleton and Bill F. Chamberlin. Longman, 1994.

· FindLaw

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