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Communication Skills -- Agricultural and Food Sciences

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is communication about food and agriculture.


Six Superlative Sources

· Russell, David R., Burnett, Rebecca, Hart, Elwood R., and Martin, Robert A. AgComm. A site for faculty who want to find ideas for improving their students' communication skills in agriculture and food sciences.

· Charnley, Jeffrey, McCall, William, and Smith, Leonora. (1993) Writing to learn in agriculture and natural resources courses. NACTA Journal 37(2): 32-35.

· Baxter, Catherine A., and Scanlon, Dennis C. (1993) An examination of "on-the-job" writing of recent college of agricultural sciences graduates. Journal of Applied Communications 77(2): 1-11.

· Kastman. Lee-Ann M, and Booker, Susan L. (1998) Writing across the disciplines in agriculture. Language and Learning across the Disciplines 2(3): 36-42.

· Blank, Gary B. (1988) Teaching writing in forestry: An eighth-year report. Journal of Forestry 86(9): 31-35.

· Sims, G.K. (1989) Student peer review in the classroom: A teaching and grading tool. Journal of Agronomy Education 18(2): 105-108.

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