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Greek Language -- Modern

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Greek language.


Six Superlative Sources

· Robert Browning. 1983. Medieval and Modern Greek. Cambridge University Press (2nd edition, 158 pp.).

· David Holton, Peter Mackridge, and Irene Philippaki-Warburton. 1997. Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language. Routledge (519 pp.).

· Geoffrey Horrocks. 1997. Greek: A History of the Language and Its Speakers. Longman (393 pp.).

· Brian Joseph. 1987. "Greek." In Bernard Comrie, ed. The World's Major Languages. Croom Helm, pp. 410-439.

· Peter Mackridge. 1985. The Modern Greek Language. Oxford University Press (387 pp.).

· Brian Newton. 1972. The Generative Interpretation of Dialect: A Study of Modern Greek Phonology. Cambridge University Press (236 pp.).

Other Excellent Sources

· Brian D. Joseph and Irene Philippaki-Warburton. 1987. Modern Greek. Croom Helm (281 pp.).

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