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Liquid Crystals

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is liquid crystals.


Six Superlative Sources

· Polymers and Liquid Crystals: A Virtual Textbook and Virtual Lab.

· "Liquid Crystals: Nature's Delicate Phase of Matter" by P.J. Collings (Princeton University Press, 1990).

· "The Physics of Liquid Crystals" by P.G. de Gennes and J. Prost (Oxford University Press, 1993).

· "Liquid Crystals: Applications and Uses," edited by B. Bahadur (World Scientific, 1990).

· "Liquid Crystals: Experimental Study of Physical Properties and Phase Transitions," edited by S. Kumar (Cambridge University Press, 2000).

· "Handbook of Liquid Crystal Research," edited by P.J. Collings and J.S. Patel (Oxford University Press, 1997).

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Lindbergh, Charles A. (1902-1974)
   Liquid Crystals
Lispector, Clarice (1924-1977)

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