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Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is self-directed learning.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bandura, A. (1991). Self-regulation of motivation through anticipatory and self-regulatory mechanisms. In R.A. Dienstbier (Ed.), Perspectives on motivation: Nebraska symposium on motivation (Vol. 38, pp. 69-164). University of Nebraska Press.

· Deci, E.L., and Ryan, R.M. (1985). Intrinsic motivation and self-determination in human behavior. Plenum.

· Deci, E.L., and Ryan, R.M. (1991). A motivational approach to self: Integration in personality. In R. Dienstbier (Ed.), Perspectives on motivation: Nebraska symposium on motivation (Vol. 38, pp. 237-288). University of Nebraska Press.

· Kanfer, R., and McCombs, B.L. (2000). Motivation: Applying current theory to critical issues in training. In S. Tobias and D.T. Fletcher (Eds.), Handbook of Training. Macmillan.

· McCombs, B.L. (2001). Self-regulated learning and academic achievement: A phenomenological view. In B.J. Zimmerman and D.H. Schunk (Eds.), Self-regulated learning and academic achievement: Theory, research, and practice. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

· Zimmerman, B.J. (1994). Dimensions of academic self-regulation: A conceptual framework for education. In D.H. Schunk and B.J. Zimmerman (Eds.), Self-regulation of learning and performance: Issues and educational applications (pp. 3-21). Erlbaum.

Other Excellent Sources

· Areglado, R.J., Bradley, R.C., and Lane, P.S. (1996). Learning for life: Creating classrooms for self-directed learning. Corwin Press.

· Butler, D.L., and Winne, P.H. (1995). Feedback and self-regulated learning: A theoretical synthesis. Review of Educational Research, 65(3), 245-281.

· Carver, C.S., and Scheier, M.F. (1991). Self-regulation and the self. In J. Strauss and G.R. Goethals (Eds.), The self: Interdisciplinary approaches (pp. 168-207). Springer-Verlag.

· Elias, M.J., Zins, J.E., Weissberg, R.P., Frey, K.S., Greenberg, M.T., Haynes, N.M., Kessler, R., Schwab-Stone, M.E., and Shriver, T.P. (1997). Promoting social and emotional learning: Guidelines for educators. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

· Ford, M.E. (1992). Motivating humans: Goals, emotions, and personal agency beliefs. Sage Publications.

· Iran-Nejad, A. (1990). Active and dynamic self-regulation of learning processes. Review of Educational Research, 60(4), 573-602.

· Kanfer, R., Ackerman, P.L., and Heggestad, E. (1996). Motivational skills and self-regulation for learning: A trait perspective. Learning and Individual Differences, 8, 185-209.

· McCombs, B.L. (1986). The role of the self-system in self-regulated learning. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 11, 314-332.

· McCombs, B.L. (1994). Strategies for assessing and enhancing motivation: Keys to promoting self-regulated learning and performance. In H.F. O'Neil, Jr., and M. Drillings (Eds.), Motivation: Research and theory (pp. 49-69). Lawrence Erlbaum.

· McCombs, B.L., and Marzano, R.J. (1990). Putting the self in self-regulated learning. Educational Psychologist, 25(1), 51-69.

· McCombs, B.L., and Whisler, J.S. (1989). The role of affective variables in autonomous learning. Educational Psychologist, 24(3), 277-306.

· Perry, N.E. (1998). Young children's self-regulated learning and contexts that support it. Journal of Educational Psychology, 90(4), 715-729.

· Pintrich, P.R., and DeGroot, E.V. (1990). Motivational and self-regulated learning components of classroom academic performance. Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 33-40.

· Wentzel, K.R. (1998). Social relationships and motivation in middle school: The role of parents, teachers, and peers. Journal of Educational Psychology, 90(2), 202-209.

· Wentzel, K.R., and Wigfield, A. (1998). Academic and social motivational influences on students' academic performance. Educational Psychology Review, 10, 155-175.

· Wolters, C.A. (1998). Self-regulated learning and college students' regulation of motivation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 90(2), 224-235.

· Zins, J.E., Elias, M.J., Greenberg, M.T., and Weissberg, R.P. (2000). Promoting social and emotional competence in children. In K.M. Minke and G.G. Bear (Eds.), Preventing school problems -- promoting school success: Strategies and programs that work (pp. 71-99). National Association of School Psychologists.

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