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Consumer Affairs

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is consumer affairs.


Six Superlative Sources

· Kolodinsky, Jane (1995), "Usefulness of Economics in Explaining Consumer Complaints," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 29(1): 29-54.

· Mayer, Robert N. (1989), "The Consumer Movement: Guardians of the Marketplace" (Twayne Publishers).

· Friedman, Monroe (1999), "Consumer Boycotts" (Routledge).

· Rodwin, M.A. (1994). "Patient Accountability and Quality of Care: Lessons from Medical Consumerism and the Patients' Rights, Women's Health and Disability Rights Movements," Am J Law Med, 20(1-2): 147-67.

· Clark, Mark (1996), "The Change Makers," a video, (Mill Valley, CA: Consumer Research Foundation).

· Clark, Mark (1997), "Affluenza," a video (Olney, PA: Bullfrog Films).

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