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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is tree-ring dating.


Six Superlative Sources

· Grissino-Mayer, H.D. The Ultimate Tree-Ring Pages.

· Stokes, M.A., and T.L. Smiley. 1996. An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating. University of Arizona Press. 73 pp.

· Fritts, H.C. 1976. Tree Rings and Climate. Academic Press. 567 pp.

· Schweingruber, F.H. 1987. Tree Rings: Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology. D. Reidel. Publishing. 276 pp.

· Cook, E.R., and L.A. Kairiukstis, eds. 1990. Methods of Dendrochronology: Applications in the Environmental Sciences. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 394 pp.

· Baillie, M.G.L. 1982. Tree-Ring Dating and Archaeology. University of Chicago Press. 274 pp.

Other Excellent Sources

· Schweingruber, F.H. 1993. Trees and Wood in Dendrochronology. Springer-Verlag. 402 pp.

· Hughes, M.K., P.M. Kelly, J.R. Pilcher, and V.C. LaMarche, Jr., eds. 1980. Climate from Tree Rings. Cambridge University Press. 223 pp.

· Telewski, F.W., and A.M. Lynch. 1991. Measuring growth and development of stems. In Lassoie, J.P., and T.M. Hinckley, eds., Techniques and Approaches in Forest Tree Ecophysiology. CRC Press: 503-555.

· Nash, S. 1999. Time, Trees, and Prehistory: Tree-Ring Dating and the Development of North American Archaeology, 1914-1950. University of Utah Press. 294 pp.

· Webb, G.E. 1983. Tree Rings and Telescopes: The Scientific Career of A.E. Douglass. University of Arizona Press. 242 pp.

· Fritts, H.C., and T.W. Swetnam. 1989. Dendroecology: A tool for evaluating variations in past and present forest environments. Advances in Ecological Research 19: 111-188.

· Fritts, H.C. 1971. Dendroclimatology and dendroecology. Quaternary Research 1: 419-449.

· Douglass, A.E. 1941. Crossdating in dendrochronology. Journal of Forestry 39: 825-831.

· Holmes, R.L. 1983. Computer-assisted quality control in tree-ring dating and measurement. Tree-Ring Bulletin 43: 69-78.

· Schulman, E. 1958. Bristlecone pine, oldest known living thing. National Geographic Magazine 113(3): 354-372.

· Douglass, A.E. 1929. The secret of the Southwest solved by talkative tree rings. National Geographic Magazine 56(6): 736-770.

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