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Litigation -- Settlement Disputes

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is litigation settlement.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cumming, D.J. (2001). "Settlement Disputes: Evidence from a Legal Practice Perspective," European Journal of Law and Economics 11(3), 249-280.

· Daugherty, A.F., and J.F. Reinganum (1994). "Settlement Negotiations with Two-Sided Asymmetric Information: Model Duality, Information Distribution, and Efficiency," International Review of Law and Economics 14, 283-298.

· Miller, G.P. (1987). "Some Agency Problems in Settlement," Journal of Legal Studies 16, 189-215.

· Rickman, N. (1999). "Contingent Fees and Litigation Settlement," International Review of Law and Economics 19, 295-317.

· Thomason, T. (1991). "Are Attorneys Paid What They're Worth? Contingent Fees and the Settlement Process," Journal of Legal Studies 20, 187-223.

· Watts, A. (1994). "Bargaining through an Expert Attorney," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 10, 168-186.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bebchuk, L.A., and H.F. Chang (1996). "An Analysis of Fee Shifting Based on the Margin of Victory: On Frivolous Suits, Meritorious Suits, and the Role of Rule 11," Journal of Legal Studies 25, 371-404.

· Clermont, K.M., and J.D. Currivan (1978). "Improving the Contingent Fee," Cornell Law Review 63, 529-599.

· Dana, J.D., and K.E. Spier (1993). "Expertise and Contingent Fees: The Role of Asymmetric Information in Attorney Compensation," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 9, 349-367.

· Donohue, J.J. (1991). "The Effects of Fee Shifting on Settlement Rate: Theoretical Observations on Costs, Conflicts, and Contingency Fees," Law and Contemporary Problems 54, 195-222.

· Hay, B.L. (1996). "Contingent Fees and Agency Costs," Journal of Legal Studies 15, 503-533.

· Holmstrom, B., and P. Milgrom (1991). "Multitask Principal-Agent Analyses: Incentive Contracts, Asset Ownership, and Job Design," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 7, 24-52.

· Katz, A. (1990). "The Effects of Frivolous Lawsuits on the Settlement of Litigation," International Review of Law and Economics 10, 3-27.

· Rosenfield, A. (1976). "An Empirical Test of Class Action Settlement," Journal of Legal Studies 5, 113-120.

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