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Immigrant Wages and Labor-Market Assimilation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is immigrant wages.


Six Superlative Sources

· Borjas, George J. (1999). The economic analysis of immigration. In O. C. Ashenfelter, and D. E. Card (Editors), Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 3 (pp. 1697-1760). Elsevier.

· Gonzalez, Arturo (1998). Mexican enclaves and the price of culture. Journal of Urban Economics, 43(2), 273-291.

· LaLonde, Robert J., and Topel, Robert H. (1992). Assimilation of immigrants in the U.S. labor market. In G. J. Borjas, and R. B. Freeman (Editors), Immigration and the Work Force (pp. 67-92). University of Chicago Press.

· Remiers, Cordelia W. (1997). The progress of Mexican and white non-Hispanic immigrants in California and Texas, 1980 to 1990. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 37(Special Issue), 315-343.

· Rivera-Batiz, Francisco L. (1990). English language proficiency and the economic progress of immigrants. Economics Letters, 34(3), 295-300.

· Funkhouser, Edward, and Trejo, Steve J. (1995). The labor market skills of recent male immigrants: Evidence from the Current Population Survey. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 48(4), 792-811.

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   Immigrant Wages and Labor-Market Assimilation
Immigration History -- United States

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