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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is labyrinths.


Six Superlative Sources

· Critchlow, Keith; Carroll, Jane; and Lee, Llewylyn Vaughn. "Chartres Maze: A Model of the Universe?" Architectural Association Quarterly 5 (April-June 1973): 11-20. Describes the cosmic correlations of the medieval pavement maze in Chartres Cathedral.

· Doob, Penelope Reed. The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages. Cornell University Press, 1990. Examines the labyrinth in literature, art, and architecture.

· Jaskolski, Helmut. The Labyrinth: Symbol of Fear, Rebirth, and Liberation. Shambhala Publications, 1997. Examines ancient and modern forms of the labyrinth.

· Kern, Hermann. "Image of the World and Sacred Realms. Labyrinth-Cities--City-Labyrinths." Daidalos 3 (15 March 1982): 10-24. Examines the labyrinth as a symbol of Rome and Jerusalem.

· Matthews, W.H. Mazes and Labyrinths: Their History and Development. Dover Publications, 1970 (1922). A survey of labyrinths from antiquity through the early twentieth century.

· Thacker, Christopher. "That Long Labyrinth of Darkness: The Landscape Garden and the Maze." Daidalos 3 (15 March 1982): 59-69. Examines grottoes and topiary mazes. Another version of this information is found in Thacker, Christopher, The History of Gardens, University of California Press, 1979.

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