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Farms -- Personnel Management

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the management of farms.


Six Superlative Sources

· Billikopf, Gregory Encina. Labor Management in Agriculture: Cultivating Personnel Productivity. 2nd edition. University of California, 2003. Online book.

· Owen, Lorne. B.C. Farm Employer's Handbook. Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, 1991. Pamphlet series.

· Billikopf, Gregory Encina (editor). Employee Incentive Pay in Dairies. 3rd edition. University of California, 1995. Online booklet.

· Billikopf, Gregory Encina. Agricultural Labor Management. University of California.

· Agricultural Personnel Management Program, University of California.

· Systematic Selection of Ag Employees. University of California, 1990. Video #V90-Y.

Other Excellent Sources

· Rosenberg, Hoard R., et al. Labor Management Law in California Agriculture. 2nd Edition. University of California, 1995. Book.

· Billikopf, Gregory Encina (editor). Instructor's Manual for Labor Management in Ag: Cases, Role-Plays, Activities. University of California, 1994. Online book.

· Fuller, Varden. Hired Hands in California's Farm Fields. Giannini Foundation Special Report, University of California, 1991. Book.

· Fuller, Varden. The Supply of Agricultural Labor as a Factor in the Evolution of Farm Organization in California, United States Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Hearings before the Seventy-Sixth Congress, Part 54, Jan 13, 1940.

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