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Cell Culture -- Three-Dimensional

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the three-dimensional anaylsis of cells.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bellamkonda, R., J.P. Ranieri, et al. (1995). "Hydrogel-based three-dimensional matrix for neural cells." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 29: 663-671.

· Borkenhagen, M., J.-F. Clemence, et al. (1998). "Three-dimensional extracellular matrix engineering in the nervous system." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 40: 392-400.

· Burgess, B.T., J.L. Myles, et al. (2000). "Quantitative analysis of adhesion-mediated cell migration in three-dimensional gels of RGD-grafted collagen." Ann Biomed Eng 28(1): 110-8.

· Fawcett, J.W., E. Housden, et al. (1989). "The growth of axons in three-dimensional astrocyte cultures." Dev Biol 135(2): 449-58.

· Hoffman, R.M. (1991). "Three-dimensional histoculture: origins and applications in cancer research." Cancer Cells 3: 86-92.

· Mikos, A.G., G. Sarakinos, et al. (1993). "Laminated three-dimensional biodegradable foams for use in tissue engineering." Biomaterials 14(5): 323-30.

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   Cell Culture -- Three-Dimensional
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