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African-American Hymnody

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is African-American gospel music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Allen, William Francis, Charles Pickard Ware, and Lucy McKim Garrison. Slave Songs of the United States: The Classic 1867 Anthology. A. Simpson, 1867; Dover, 1995.

· Johnson, James Weldon, and J. Rosamond Johnson. The Books of American Negro Spirituals. 2 vols. Viking Press, 1925/1926; 1940; reprint in 1 vol., Da Capo, 1969.

· Lovell, John, Jr. Black Song: The Forge and the Flame. Macmillan, 1972.

· Oliver, Paul. Songsters and Saints: Vocal Traditions on Race Records. Cambridge University Press, 1984.

· Pitts, Walter F. Old Ship of Zion: The Afro-Baptist Ritual in the African Diaspora. Oxford, 1993.

· Willett, Henry, ed. In the Spirit: Alabama's Sacred Music Traditions. Alabama Center for Traditional Culture, 1995. Includes compact disc.

Other Excellent Sources

· Allen, Ray. Singing in the Spirit: African-American Sacred Quartets in New York City. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991.

· Boyer, Horace Clarence. How Sweet the Song: The Golden Age of Gospel. Elliott and Clark, 1995.

· Floyd, Samuel A., Jr. The Power of Black Music: Interpreting Its History from Africa to the United States. Oxford University Press, 1995.

· Southern, Eileen. The Music of Black Americans: A History. W.W. Norton, 1971.

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