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Chinese Criminal Justice System

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Chinese criminal justice system.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dutton, M., and X. Zhangrun. 1998. "Facing Difference: Relations, Change and the Prison Sector in Contemporary China" in Comparing Prison Systems (edited by R. Weiss and N. South), Gordon and Breach Publishers.

· Dutton, M., and L. Tianfu. 1993. "Missing the Target? Policing Strategies in the Period of Economic Reform." Crime and Delinquency 39 (3): 316-336.

· Liu, W.L., and Y. Situ. 1999. "Criminal Courts in China: A Transition from Inquisitorial Procedure to Adversarial Procedure?" Crime and Justice International 15 (25): 13-21.

· Rojek, D.G. 1996. "Changing Directions of Chinese Social Control" in Comparative Criminal Justice: Traditional and Nontraditional Systems of Law and Control (edited by C. Fields and R. Moore, Jr.), Waveland Press.

· Situ, Y., and W. Liu. 2000. "An Overview of the Chinese Criminal Justice System" in Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems (edited by O. Ebbe), Butterworth-Heinemann.

· Zhang, L., and others. 1996. "Crime Prevention in a Communitarian Society: Bang-Jiao and Tiao-Jie in the People's Republic of China." Justice Quarterly 13 (2): 199-222.

Other Excellent Sources

· Anderson, A.F., and V.E. Gil. 1998. "China's Modernization and the Decline of Communitarianism: The Control of Sex Crimes and Implications for the Fate of Informal Social Control." Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 14: 248-61.

· Biddulph, S. 1993. "Review of Police Powers of Administrative Detention in the People's Republic of China." Crime and Delinquency 39 (3): 337-54.

· Bracey, D.H. 1996. "Civil Liberties and the Mass Line: Police and Administrative Punishment in the People's Republic of China" in Comparative Criminal Justice (edited by C.B. Fields and R.H. Moore, Jr.), Waveland.

· Cao, L., S.J. Stack, and Y. Sun. 1998. "Public Confidence in the Police: A Comparative Study between Japan and America." Journal of Criminal Justice 26 (4): 279-89.

· Deng, X., L. Zhang, and A. Cordilia. 1998. "Social Control and Recidivism in China." Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 14: 281-295.

· Friday, P. 1998. "Crime and Crime Prevention in China: A Challenge to the Development-Crime Nexus." Contemporary Criminal Justice 14: 296-314.

· Fu, H. 1994. "A Case for Abolishing Shelter for Examination: Judicial Review and Police Powers in China." Police Studies 7 (4): 41-60.

· Jiao, A.Y. 1995. "Community Policing and Community Mutuality: A Comparative Analysis of American and Chinese Police Reforms." Police Studies 18 (3 and 4).

· Liu, J., D. Zhou, A.E. Liska, S.F. Messner, M.D. Krohn, L. Zhang, and Z. Lu. 1998. "Status, Power, and Sentencing in China." Justice Quarterly 15: 289-300.

· Liu, W. 1996. "Delinquency Potentiality among Chinese High School Students: A Control Theory Perspective" in In Search of a Chinese Road towards Modernization (edited by J. Hu, Z. Hong, and E. Stavrou), Edwin Mellen Press.

· Ma, Y. 1997. "The Police Law 1995: Organization, Functions, Powers and Accountability of the Chinese Police." Policing 20 (1): 113-135.

· Ren, X. 1997. Tradition of the Law and Law of the Tradition: Law, State and Social Control in China. Greenwood Press.

· Shaw, V. 1996. Social Control in China: A Study of Chinese Work Units. Praeger.

· Situ, Y., and W. Liu. 1996. "Comprehensive Treatment to Social Order: A Chinese Approach against Crime." International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 20: 95-115.

· Situ, Y., and W. Liu. 1996. "Restoring the Neighborhood, Fighting against Crime: A Case Study in Guangzhou City, PRC." International Criminal Justice Review 6: 89-102.

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· Zhang, L., and S.F. Messner. 1994. "The Severity of Official Punishment for Delinquency and Change in Interpersonal Relations in Chinese Society." Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 31: 416-433.

· Zhang, L., S.F. Messner, Z. Lu, and X. Deng. 1997. "Gang Crime and Its Punishment in China." Journal of Criminal Justice 25: 289-302.

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