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Aging -- Ethics

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the ethics of caring for the aged.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cutler, S.J. (2003). Aging and Ethical Issues: Ethics Bibliography. University of Vermont. From the Aging and Ethical Issues course web site.

· Johnson, T.F. (Ed.). (1999). Handbook on Ethical Issues in Aging. Greenwood Press.

· McCullough, L.B., and Wilson, N.L. (Eds.). (1995). Long-Term Care Decisions: Ethical and Conceptual Dimensions. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Mezey, M.D., Cassel, C.K., Bottrell, M.M., Hyer, K., Howe, J.L., and Fulmer, T.T. (Eds.). (2002). Ethical Patient Care: A Casebook for Geriatric Health Care Teams. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Moody, H.R. (1992). Ethics in an Aging Society. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Wicclair, M.R. (1993). Ethics and the Elderly. Oxford University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Agich, G.J. (2003). Dependence and Autonomy in Old Age: An Ethical Framework. Cambridge University Press.

· Binstock, R.H., and Post, S.G. (1991). Too Old for Health Care? Controversies in Medicine, Law, Economics, and Ethics. John Hopkins University Press.

· Binstock, R.H., Post, S.G., and Whitehouse, P.J. (1992). Dementia and Aging: Ethics, Values, and Policy Choices. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Callahan, D. (1995). Setting Limits: Medical Goals in an Aging Society. Georgetown University Press.

· Daniels, N. (1988). Am I My Parents' Keeper? An Essay on Justice between the Young and the Old. Oxford University Press.

· Holstein, M.B., and Mitzen, P.B. (Eds.). (2001). Ethics in Community-Based Elder Care. Springer.

· Johnson, T.F. (1995). Elder Mistreatment: Ethical Issues, Dilemmas, and Decisions. Haworth Press.

· Kagawa-Singer, M., and Blackhall, L.J. (2001). "Negotiating Cross-Cultural Issues at the End of Life," Journal of the American Medical Association, 286 (23): 2993-3001.

· Kane, R.A., and Caplan, A.L. (1989). Everyday Ethics: Resolving Dilemmas in Nursing Home Life. Springer.

· Kane, R.A., and Caplan, A.L. (Eds.). (1993). Ethical Conflicts in the Management of Home Care: The Case Manager's Dilemma. Springer.

· Kapp, M.B. (Ed.). (2002). Ethics, Law, and Aging Review, Volume 8: Issues in Conducting Research with and about Older Persons. Springer.

· Keith, P.M., and Wacker, R.R. (1994). Older Wards and Their Guardians. Praeger.

· Lidz, C.W., Fischer, L., and Arnold, R.M. (1992). The Erosion of Autonomy in Long-Term Care. Oxford University Press.

· McCullough, L.B., Wilson, N.L., Rhymes, J.A., and Teasdale, T.A. (2000). "Ethical Issues in Genetics and Aging: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention in the Age of Molecular Medicine," Generations, 24 (1): 72-78.

· Post, S.G. (2000). The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease: Ethical Issues from Dementia to Dying. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Post, S.G., and Whitehouse, P.J. (Eds.). (1998). Genetic Testing for Alzheimer Disease: Ethical and Clinical Issues. Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Quill, T.E. (1996). A Midwife through the Dying Process: Stories of Healing and Hard Choices at the End of Life. John Hopkins University Press.

· Rathbone-McCuan, E., and Fabian, D.R. (Eds.). (1992). Self-Neglecting Elders: A Clinical Dilemma. Auburn House.

· Rowe, J.W., and Gatz, M. (2000). "Implications of Genetic Knowledge for Public Policy," Generations, 24 (1): 79-83.

· Smyer, M., Schaie, K.W., and Kapp, M.B. (Eds.). (1996). Older Adults' Decision-Making and the Law. Springer.

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