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Communication -- Visual

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is visual communication.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ann Marie Seward Barry, Visual Intelligence: Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication, State Univeresity of New York Press, 1997.

· Jessica Evans and Stuart Hall: Visual Culture: The Reader, Sage, 1999.

· Paul Martin Lester, Visual Communication: Images with Messages, 2nd, ed. Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, 2000.

· Paul Messaris, Visual Literacy: Image, Mind and Reality, Westview Press, 1994.

· David M. Moore and Francis M. Dwyer, Visual Literacy: A Spectrum of Visual Learning, Educational Technology Publications, 1994.

· Rune Pettersson, Visual Information, 2nd ed., Educational Technology Publications, 1993.

Other Excellent Sources

· Paul Messaris, Visual Persuasion: The Role of Images in Advertising, Sage, 1997.

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