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Longleaf Pine Forest

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is the longleaf pine forest.


Six Superlative Sources

· Wahlenberg, W.G. (1946) Longleaf pine: Its use, ecology, regeneration, protection, and management. Charles Lathrop Pack Forestry Foundation. 429 pp.

· Platt. W.J., Evans, G.W., Rathbun, S.L. (1988) The population dynamics of a long-lived conifer (Pinus palustris). The American Naturalist 131(4):491-525.

· Mattoon, W.R. (1922) Longleaf pine. USDA Bulletin 1061.

· Chapman, H.H. (1932) Is the longleaf type a climax? Ecology 13:328-334.

· Schwarz, G.F. (1907) The longleaf pine in virgin forest: A silvical study. Wiley. 135 pp.

· Frost, C.C. (1993) Four centuries of changing landscape patterns in the longleaf pine ecosystem. Pages 17-43 in: Hermann, S.H. (ed.). Proceedings of the 18th Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference. The longleaf pine ecosystem: ecology, restoration, and management. Tall Timbers, 418 pp.

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   Longleaf Pine Forest
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