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Appalachian Studies

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Appalachia.


Six Superlative Sources

· Campbell, John C. The Southern Highlander and His Homeland. University Press of Kentucky, 1969 (orig. 1921).

· Ford, Thomas R. (ed.). The Southern Appalachian Region: A Survey. University of Kentucky Press, 1962.

· Economic and Social Problems and Conditions of the Southern Appalachians. U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1935.

· The Cratis Williams Symposium Proceedings: A Memorial and Examination of the State of Regional Studies in Appalachia. Appalachian Consortium Press, 1989.

· Fisher, Stephen L., J.W. Williamson, and Juanita Lewis (eds.). "A Guide to Appalachian Studies," (special issue) Appalachian Journal vol. 5, no. 1 (Autumn) 1977.

· Hay, Fred J. and Mary Reichel. "From Activist to Academic: An Evolutionary Model for the Bibliography of Appalachian Studies," Journal of Appalachian Studies vol. 3, no. 2 (Fall) 1997, pp. 211-229.

Other Excellent Sources

· Center for Appalachian Studies--Appalachian State University

· Appalachian Studies Association

· Appalachian Center--University of Kentucky

· Williamson, J.W. (ed.). An Appalachian Symposium: Essays in Honor of Cratis D. Williams. Appalachian State University Press, 1977.

· Pudup, Mary Beth, Dwight B. Billings, Altina L. Waller (eds.). Appalachia in the Making: The Mountain South in the Nineteenth Century. Chapel Hill. University of North Carolina Press, 1995.

· McGowan, Thomas A. (ed.). "Assessing Appalachian Studies," (special issue) Appalachian Journal vol. 9, nos. 2-3 (Winter-Spring) 1982.

· Turner William H. and Edward J. Cabbell (eds.) Blacks in Appalachia. University of Kentucky Press, 1985.

· Caudill, Harry M. Night Comes to the Cumberlands: A Biography of a Depressed Area. Little, Brown, 1963.

· Lewis, Helen Matthews, Linda Johnson, and Donald Askins (eds.). Colonialism in Modern America: The Appalachian Case. Appalachian Consortium Press, 1978.

· Cunningham, Rodger. Apples on the Flood: The Southern Mountain Experience. University of Tennessee Press, 1987.

· Dunaway, Wilma A. The First American Frontier: Transition to Capitalism in Southern Appalachia, 1700-1860. University of North Carolina Press, 1996.

· Eller, Ronald D. Miners, Millhands, and the Appalachian South, 1880-1930. University of Tennessee Press, 1982.

· Fisher Stephen L. (ed.). Fighting Back in Appalachia: Traditions of Resistance and Change. Temple University Press, 1993.

· Gaventa, John. Power and Powerlessness: Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley. University of Illinois Press, 1980.

· Williamson, J.W. and Edwin T. Arnold. Interviewing Appalachia: The Appalachian Journal Interviews, 1978-1992. University of Tennessee Press, 1994.

· McCauley, Deborah Vansau. Appalachian Mountain Religion: A History. University of Illinois Press, 1995.

· Perdue, Theda. Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540-1866. University of Tennessee Press, 1979.

· Whisnant, David E. (ed.). "Process, Policy, and Context: Contemporary Perspectives on Appalachian Culture," (special issue) Appalacian Journal vol. 7, nos. 1-2 (Autumn-Winter) 1979-80.

· Shapiro, Henry D. Appalachia on our Mind: The Southern Mountains and Mountaineers in the American Consciousness, 1870-1920. University of North Carolina Press, 1978.

· Whisnant, David E. Modernizing the Mountaineer: People, Power, and Planning in Appalachia. University of Tennessee Press, 1994.

· Who Owns Appalachia?: Land Ownership and its Impact. Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force. University of Kentucky Press, 1983.

· Williams, Cratis D. The Southern Mountaineer in Fact and Fiction. Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1961.

· Williamson, J.W. Hillbillyland: What the Movies did to the Mountains and What the Mountains did to the Movies. University of North Carolina Press, 1995.

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