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Plant-Herbivore Interactions

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is plant-herbivore interactions.


Six Superlative Sources

· Berenbaum, May R., Arthur R. Zangerl and James K. Nitao. 1988. Constraints on chemical coevolution: wild parsnips and the parsnip webworm. Evolution 40:1215-1228.

· Coley, Phyllis D. 1984. Herbivory and defensive characteristics of tree species in low-land tropical forest. Ecological Monographs 53:209-233.

· Karban, Richard. 1990. Community organization of Erigeron glaucus folivores: effects of competition, predation, and host plant. Ecology 70:1028-1039.

· Louda, Svata M. 1982. Distribution ecology: variation in plant recruitment over a gradient in relation to insect seed predation. Ecological Monographs 52:25-41.

· Price, Peter W. 1997. Insect ecology. Wiley.

· Whitham, Thomas G., Gregory D. Martinsen, Kevin D. Floate, Heidi S. Dungey, Brad M. Potts, and Paul Keim. 1999. Plant hybrid zones affect biodiversity: Tools for a genetic-based understanding of community structure. Ecology 80: 416-428.

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