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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of commercial airports.


Six Superlative Sources

· Allen, Roy. Great Airports of the World. Ian Allan, 1964, 1968.

· Arai, Yoichi. The World Airports: International Airports and Their Commercial Facilities. Shoten Ken Chiku-Sha "Shop Design Series," 1996.

· Grief, Martin. The Airport Book: From Landing Field to Modern Terminal. Mayflower Books, 1979.

· Stroud, John. Airports of the World. Putnam, 1980.

· Wood, John Walter. Airports: Some Elements of Design and Future Development. Coward-McCann, 1940.

· Zukowsky, John, ed. Building for Air Travel: Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation. Prestel-Verlag and Art Institute of Chicago, 1996.

Other Excellent Sources

· Airports International.

· Allen, Roy. Major Airports of the World. Ian Allan, 1979, 1983.

· Arend, Geoffrey. Air World's Great Airports: Newark. Air Cargo News, 1978.

· Arend, Geoffrey. Air World's Great Airports: La Guardia. Air Cargo News, 1979.

· Arend, Geoffrey. Great Airports: Kennedy International. Air Cargo News, 1981.

· Arend, Geoffrey. Great Airports: Miami International. Air Cargo News, 1986.

· Arend, Geoffrey. Great Airports Worldwide. Air Cargo News, 1988.

· Black, Archibald. Civil Airports and Airways. Simons-Boardman, 1929.

· Blankenship, Edward G. The Airport: Architecture, Urban Integration, Ecological Problems. Praeger, 1974.

· Braden, Betsy, and Paul Hagen. A Dream Takes Flight: Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport and Aviation in Atlanta. University of Georgia Press, 1989.

· Dempsey, Paul Stephen, et al. Denver International Airport: Lessons Learned. McGraw-Hill, 1997.

· Doganis, Rigas. The Airport Business. Routledge, 1992.

· Duke, Donald. Airports and Airways: Cost, Operation and Maintenance. Ronald Press "Aeronautic Series," 1927.

· Feldman, Elliot J., and Jerome Milch. Technology versus Democracy: The Comparative Politics of International Airports. Ashburn House, 1982.

· Hanks, Stedman. International Airports. Ronald Press "Aeronautic Series," 1929.

· Hart, Walter. The Airport Passenger Terminal. John Wiley, 1985.

· Hayter, George. Heathrow: The Story of the World's Greatest International Airport. Pan Books, 1989.

· Hubbard, Henry V., et al., eds. Airports: Their Location, Administration and Legal Basis. Harvard University Press "City Planing Studies," 1930.

· Marriott, Leo. British Airports Then and Now. Ian Allan, 1993.

· McGrath, T.M. History of Canadian Airports. Lugas Publications, 1992, 2nd ed.

· Smith, Paul, et al. Airport Architecture of the Thirties: Berlin--Tempelhof, Liverpool--Speke, Paris--Le Bourget. Gingko Press, 2000.

· Wheat, George Seay. Municipal Landing Fields and Airports. Putnam, 1920.

· Wright, Alan. ABC British Airports. Ian Allan, 1979-96.

· Wright, Alan. ABC European Airports. Ian Allan, 1989, 1995.

· Wright, Alan. ABC World Airports. Ian Allan, 1992.

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