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Botanical Explorations in the United States and Canada

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is botany in North America.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ewan, J., and N.D. Ewan. 1981. Biographical Dictionary of Rocky Mountain Naturalists. Regnum Vegetabile No. 107, Bohn, Scheltema, and Holkema.

· McKelvey, S.D. 1991. Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1790-1850. Oregon State University Press.

· Reveal, J.L. 1992. Gentle Conquest: The Botanical Discovery of North America with Illustrations from the Library of Congress. Starwood Publishing. 1996. Also published as America's Botanical Beauty: Illustrations from the Library of Congress, Fulcrum Publishing, 1996.

· Reveal, J.L., and J.S. Pringle. 1993. "Taxonomic Botany and Floristics in North America North of Mexico: A Review," pp. 157-192. In: Flora of North America Editorial Committee (ed.), Flora of North America North of Mexico. Vol. 1. Oxford University Press.

· Spongberg, S.A. 1990. A Reunion of Trees. Harvard University Press.

· Stearns, R.P. 1970. Science in the British Colonies of America. University of Illinois Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barber, L. 1980. The Heyday of Natural History: 1820-1870. Doubleday.

· Blunt, W. 1971. The Compleat Naturalist: A Life of Linnaeus. Viking.

· Carter, J.S. History of Science. Clermont College, University of Cincinnati.

· Coats, A.M. 1970. The Plant Hunters: Being a History of the Horticultural Pioneers, Their Quests, and Their Discoveries from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century. McGraw-Hill.

· Directory of Botanists, Plantsmen, Landscapers, Gardeners and Writers of Note. Sisley Garden Tours.

· Ewan, J. 1969. A Short History of Botany in the United States. Hafner Publishing.

· Garofalo, M.P. The History of Gardening: A Timeline. The Spirit of Gardening.

· Hatch, R.A. The Scientific Revolution -- Readings, Resources, Links. University of Florida.

· Herbals and Early Gardening Books from the Doris and Marc Patten Collection. Special Collections, Hayden Library, Arizona State University.

· Hobhouse, P. 1992. Penelope Hobhouse's Gardening through the Ages: An Illustrated History of Plants and Their Influence on Garden Styles -- From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day. Simon and Schuster.

· Howlett, F.S. History of Horticulture. Ohio State University.

· Isley, D. 1994. One Hundred and One Botanists. Iowa State University Press.

· Kastner, J. 1977. A Species of Eternity. Knopf.

· Keeney, E.B. 1992. The Botanizers: Amateur Scientists in Nineteenth-Century America. University of North Carolina Press.

· Lemmon, K. 1969. The Golden Age of Plant Hunters. A.S. Barnes.

· Rix, M. 1980. The Art of the Plant World: The Great Botanical Illustrators and Their Work. Overlook Press.

· Rix, M. 1990. The Art of Botanical Illustration. Gramercy.

· Sengbusch, P. von Botany: The History of a Science. University of Hamburg.

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   Botanical Explorations in the United States and Canada

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