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Volcanic Eruptions -- Remote Sensing

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is monitoring volcanic eruptions.


Six Superlative Sources

· Searcy, C.S., K.G. Dean, and W. Stringer, 1998, Puff: A high resolution ash tracking model, JVGR, V. 80, pp. 1-16.

· Dean, K.D., M. Servilla, A. Roach, B. Foster and K. Engle, 1998, Satellite monitoring of remote volcanoes improves study efforts in Alaska, EOS, V. 79, pp. 413, 422-423.

· Harris, A.J.L., et al., 1997, Low-cost volcano surveillance from space, case studies from Etna, Frafla, Cerro Negro, Fogo, Lascar and Erebus, Bulletin of Volcanology, V. 59, pp. 49-64.

· Massonnet, D., P. Briole, A. Arnaud, 1995, Deflation of Mount Etna monitored by spaceborne radar interferometry, Nature, V. 375(15), pp. 567-570.

· Prata. A., 1989, Observations of volcanic ash clouds in the 10-12 micron window using AVHRR/2 data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, V. 10, pp. 751-761.

· Schneider et al., 1995, Tracking of 1992 eruption clouds from Crater Peak vent of Mt.Spurr volcano, Alaska, using AVHRR, In: T. Keith (ed.), The 1992 eruptions of Crater Peak vent, Mt. Spurr volcano, Alaska, U.S.G.S. Bulletin 2139, p 27-36.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bluth, G.J.S., T.J. Casadevall, C.C. Schnetzler, S.D. Doiron, L.S. Walter, A. J. Krueger and M. Badruddin, 1994, Evaluation of sulfur dioxide emissions from explosive volcanism: the 1982-1983 eruptions of Galunggund, Java Indonesia, Jour. of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, V, 63, pp. 63243-256.

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   Volcanic Eruptions -- Remote Sensing
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