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Aging -- Biology of

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the biology of aging.


Six Superlative Sources

· Austad SN (1997). Why We Age. John Wily and Sons, Best recommended book on the subject of biology of aging. Comical yet accurate.

· Moroso EJ (1995). Aging: current concepts. In: Handbook of Physiology. Moroso EJ, ed. Section 11, pp 3-24. Oxford University Press. Overview of theories of aging mechanisms.

· Martin GM, Austad SN, Johnson TE (1996). Genetic analysis of aging: role of oxidative damage and environmental stresses. Nat Genet 13:25-34. Somewhat difficult but excellent review on the nature-nurture interaction during aging.

· Jazwinski SM (1996). Longevity, genes and aging. Science 273:54-59. Excellent review on various experimental systems and the major findings.

· Robert Arking (1998). Biology of Aging: Observations and Principles. 2nd ed. Sinauer Associate, Sunderland, MA. Easy to understand the interpretation of the data and criticism on interpretation.

· Yu CE, Oshima J, Fu YH, Hisama F, Wijsman EM, Alisch R, Matthews S, Nakura J, Miki T, Ouais S, Martin GM, Mulligan J, Schellenberg GD (1996). Positional cloning of the Werner's syndrome gene. Science 272:258-262.

Other Excellent Sources

· International Registry of Werner Syndrome. The purpose of this site is to provide information primarily to health care professionals and researchers.

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