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Advertising -- Message Effectiveness

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is advertising effectiveness.


Six Superlative Sources

· International Journal of Advertising: The Quarterly Review of Marketing Communications (special issue on effectiveness), 17:4 (1998), NTC Publications Ltd.

· Simon Broadbent, convenor, Seminar on How Advertising Works and How Promotions Work, ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), 1991. (This is a published book containing the seminar papers.

· Giep Franzen, Advertising Effectiveness, NTC Publications, Ltd, 1994.

· James Grunig and Wayne Dozier, Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management, Erlbaum, 1992.

· John Philip Jones, How Advertising Works, Sage, 1998; also When Ads Work, Lexington Books, 1995.

· William D. Wells, ed. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1997.

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