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Africa, West -- Epic Tradition

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is West Africa.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ralph A. Austen, ed. 1999. In Search of Sunjata: The Mande Oral Epic as History, Literature, and Performance. Indiana University Press.

· Stephen Belcher. Epic Traditions of Africa. 1999. Indiana University Press.

· David C. Conrad, ed. 1990. A State of Intrigue: The Epic of Bamana Segu According to Tayiru Banbera. Oxford University Press for the British Academy.

· Oudiary Makan Dantioko, ed. 1985. Soninkara Tarixinu: Récits Historiques du Pays Soninké. CELHTO.

· Gordon Innes, ed. 1976. Kaabu and Fuladu: Historical Narratives of the Gambian Mandinka. School of Oriental and African Studies.

· Lilyan Kesteloot et Bassirou Dieng. 1997. Les Épopées d'Afrique Noire. Éditions Karthala and Éditions UNESCO.

Other Excellent Sources

· Karen Barber and Paolo F. de Moraes Farias, eds. 1989. Discourse and Its Disguises: The Interpretation of African Oral Texts. University of Birmingham Centre of West African Studies.

· Daniel Biebuyck. 1978. "The African Heroic Epic," in Felix J. Oinas, ed. Heroic Epic and Saga. Indiana University Press.

· Seydou Camara. 1974. Kambili. Edited and translated by Charles Bird, Bourama Soumaoro, Gerald Cashion, and Mamadou Kanté. Indiana University African Studies Center.

· Sory Camara. 1992. Gens de la Parole. Karthala (first edition, Mouton, 1975).

· David C. Conrad, ed. 2004. Sunjata: A West African Epic of the Mande Peoples. Narrated by Djanka Tassey Condé. Hackett Publishing.

· David C. Conrad, ed. 1999. Epic Ancestors of the Sunjata Era: Oral Tradition from the Maninka of Guinea. University of Wisconsin African Studies Program.

· John W. Johnson, Thomas A. Hale, and Stephen Belcher, eds. 1997. Oral Epics from Africa: Vibrant Voices from a Vast Continent. Indiana University Press.

· Christiane Seydou, ed. 1976. La Geste de Hambodedio ou Hama le Rouge. Armand Colin.

· Jan Vansina. 1985. Oral Tradition as History. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

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