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African Americans -- History -- Pacific Northwest

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of African Americans in the Northwest United States.


Six Superlative Sources

· Horace R. Cayton, Jr., Long Old Road: An Autobiography (University of Washington Press, 1970).

· William Lang, "The Nearly Forgotten Blacks on the Last Chance Gulch, 1900-1912," Pacific Northwest Quarterly 70:2 (April 1979):50-57.

· Stuart McElderry, "Building a West Coast Ghetto: African American Housing in Portland, 1910-1960," Pacific Northwest Quarterly 92:3 (Summer 2001):137-148.

· Elizabeth McLagan, A Peculiar Paradise: A History of Blacks in Oregon, 1788-1940 (Georgian Press, 1980).

· Quintard Taylor, "Slaves and Free Men: Blacks in the Oregon Country, 1840-1860," Oregon Historical Quarterly 83:2 (Summer, 1982):153-170.

· Quintard Taylor, The Forging of a Black Community: Seattle's Central District from 1870 through the Civil Rights Era (University of Washington Press, 1994).

Other Excellent Sources

· Susan H. Armitage and Deborah Gallacci Wilbert, "Black Women in the Pacific Northwest: A Survey and Research Prospectus," in Karen Blair, ed., Women in Pacific Northwest History: An Anthlogy (University of Washington Press, 1988).

· Robert B. Betts, In Search of York: The Slave Who Went to the Pacific with Lewis and Clark (Colorado Associated University Press, 1985).

· Katherine Hall Bogle, "An American Negro Speaks of Color," Oregon Historical Quarterly 89:1 (Spring 1988):70-81.

· Albert S. Broussard, "McCants Stewart: The Struggles of a Black Attorney in the Urban West," Oregon Historical Quarterly 89:2 (Summer 1988):157-179.

· Robert A. Campbell, "Blacks and the Coal Mines of Western Washington, 1888-1896," Pacific Northwest Quarterly 73:4 (October 1982):146-55.

· Robert E. Colbert, "The Attitude of Older Negro Residents toward Recent Negro Migrants in the Pacific Northwest," Journal of Negro Education 15:4 (Fall 1946):695-703.

· Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Civil Disorder, Race and Violence in Washington State: A Report of the Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Civil Disorder (Washington State Printing Office, 1969).

· Samuel P. DeBow and Edward A. Pitter, eds., Who's Who in Religious, Fraternal, Social, Civic and Commercial Life on the Pacific Coast (Searchlight Publishing Company, 1927).

· Shelly Hale, "The Black Population of Pocatello, Idaho," Western Journal of Black Studies 9:1 (1985):10-16.

· Daniel Grafton Hill, "The Negro as a Political and Social Issue in the Oregon County," Journal of Negro History 33:2 (April 1948):130-145.

· Alan Hynding, "The Coal Miners of Washington Territory," Arizona and the West 12:3 (Autumn 1970):221-236.

· Amy Kesselman, Fleeting Opportunities: Women Shipyard Workers in Portland and Vancouver During World War II (State University of New York Press, 1980).

· William Lang, "Tempest on Clore Street: Race and Politics in Helena, Montana, 1906," Scratchgravel Hills 3 (Summer 1980):9-14.

· William A. Little and James E. Weiss, eds., Blacks in Oregon: A Statistical and Historical Report (Black Studies Research Center, 1978).

· Stuart McElderry, "The Vanport Conspiracy Rumors and Social Relations in Wartime and Post-War Portland," Oregon Historical Society 99:2 (Summer 1998):134-163.

· Christian McMillen, "Border State Terror and the Genesis of the African American Community in Deer Lodge and Choteau Counties, Montana," Journal of Negro History 79:2 (Spring 1994):212-247.

· Esther Hall Mumford, Seattle's Black Victorians, 1852-1901 (Ananse Press, 1980).

· Rex C. Myers, "Montana's Negro Newspapers, 1984-1911," Montana Journalism Review 16 (Fall 1973):17-22.

· Mamie O. Oliver, Idaho Ebony: The Afro-American Presence in Idaho State History (Idaho State Historical Society, 1982).

· Doris Hinson Pieroth, "With All Deliberate Caution: School Integration in Seattle, 1954-1986," Pacific Northwest Quarterly 73:2 (April 1982):50-61.

· K. Keith Richard, "Unwelcome Settlers: Black and Mulatto Oregon Pioneers," Oregon Historical Quarterly 84:1 (Spring, 1983):29-55.

· K. Keith Richard, "Unwelcome Settlers: Black and Mulatto Oregon Pioneers," Oregon Historical Quarterly 84:2 (Summer, 1983):173-205.

· Alonzo Smith and Quintard Taylor, "Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: A Study of Two West Coast Cities during the 1940s," Journal of Ethnic Studies 8:1 (Spring, 1980):35-54.

· Quintard Taylor, "Susie Revels Cayton, Beatrice Morrow Cannady, and the Campaign for Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest," in William Robbins, ed., The Great Northwest: The Search for Regional Identity (Oregon State University Press, 2001).

· Quintard Taylor, "The Emergence of Black Communities in the Pacific Northwest, 1865-1910," Journal of Negro History 64:4 (Fall, 1979):342-351.

· William Toll, "Black Families and Migration to a Multiracial Society: Portland, Oregon, 1900-1924," Journal of American Ethnic History 17:3 (Spring 1998):39-70.

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